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YOURSAY | Dumber and dumber in our fight against Covid

YOURSAY | ‘We seem to have lost the plot and the battle.’

Covid-19 (May 20): Another record high - 6,806 new cases, 59 deaths

OCT: The increase in Covid-19 cases is mainly due to preventable bad decisions.

The Perikatan Nasional (PN) government has thrown caution to the wind by discarding science and replaced them with lax SOPs (standard operating procedures) that catered for the celebration of the Hari Raya festival.

The rakyat would have expected the government, after more than a year in fighting the pandemic, to come up with improved and better SOPs but alas, the SOPs were worse than those introduced in MCO 1.

Instead of getting smarter, the government is getting dumber and dumber. The rakyat are at the mercy of the virus. It's no use crying after the damage is done. The rakyat prefer a change of leaders who can do a better job at the right time, right place, and right the first time.

Forget about the Palestine-Israel conflict for now. Focus on the Malaysian disaster. There will be no Malaysia soon if no good solution is found. Don't wait till the rakyat die like flies.

Bite the bullet. Impose SOPs that work to save Malaysia. Remember the virus kills irrespective of race, creed, and culture.

Fair Comments: It is very obvious that vaccines are very slow in coming and many more may die before herd immunity can be reached.

At this moment, it doesn't help at all to endlessly whine and blame the government for its shortcomings. Leave that to another day if we have not yet been killed by the virus already! It also does not help to be cynical.

Let's give constructive proposals and be prepared to sacrifice in all possible ways in order to help the government "to help ourselves" in this fight against Covid-19.

We have been told that more vaccines will be arriving in the next two months. But we do not have the luxury of time as more and more of our fellow Malaysians succumb to this virus. Meanwhile, we have to take action to defend ourselves.

I am aware of deep concern over economic consequences if a total lockdown is implemented. But do we have a choice in being confronted with the reality of the shortage of vaccines and continuous deadly attack by the virus? The alternative is the alarming increase in deaths.

Therefore, while waiting for more lifesaving vaccines to arrive, I propose to the government to immediately order a nationwide "very strict" lockdown for at least a month to break the chain of infection.

The army and police must be fully mobilised to ensure the lockdown achieves its intended objective.

Malaysian1: The Malaysian situation is a culmination of years of neglect in two major areas:

1. Health services. We are not able to cope with the increase in cases. Stop wasting money on free internet and data and instead pump money into health services to build new treatment centres on a fast-track basis. 

Even China could build new hospitals within weeks. We can do better. Telcos can afford to give free data. Just issue the directive.

2. Neglect of foreign workers. Most foreign workers live in deplorable conditions. They not only share rooms but also beds. Crowding, poor sanitation, and lack of basic hygiene are the cause of superspreaders among workers.

Singapore was able to contain Covid-19 among workers as it is much better organised and has housing for workers.

Our government collects millions, maybe billions, in levies. Please channel this into improving the healthcare of workers. Set workers housing standards. Employers will object initially but they will have to comply.

Kawak: The PN government is a real flop. No doubt about it. Decisions and policies were made based on their own political survival. The interest of the people takes the back seat.

It is all about pleasing their majority vote bank. Allowing crowds in religious rites and rituals, widespread night and Ramadan markets, and for some, inter-district and inter-state travels. This is the consequence.

YellowTiger1314: We need Parliament more than ever now. Please listen, Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin. Back when there is Parliament, cases were under control because there was check and balance.

Now under the emergency, you just do whatever you like.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Indeed, we seem to have lost the plot and the battle. We desperately need a political leader who can navigate us out of this catastrophe quickly.

Our health services are breaking at the seams, the economy is tanking and socially, we are more divided than ever. Who can that leader be?

Salvage Malaysia: The PM needs to resign and go. He is not showing leadership whilst wrecking the economy and rakyat’s livelihoods. This government needs to step down. People are dying.

Muhyiddin had his chance to lead but he has proven to be not of PM material. Don’t bring down the entire country with you just because you are incompetent.

RisinGstaR: Have these Covid-19 figures been expected by the authorities in the first place? If yes, then what's next? If not, why?

So PM, what is the solution?

After all, we need a smart team to show us the roadmap to the pandemic and economic recovery.

Anonymous Who: Let's stop depending on the government. We need to self-lockdown and just allow working people to go out.

Order food via WhatsApp and order groceries online to support our struggling merchants. Do our prayers at home. Please stay at home unless there's an urgent need to go out.

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