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YOURSAY | Appalling lack of empathy for LRT accident victims

YOURSAY | ‘Tajuddin’s second dose of the vaccine is more important than the lives of 200-plus passengers?’

Defiant Tajuddin savaged after 'first thing in the morning' response to LRT crash

Vijay47: Were it not for the seriousness of the occasion, I would have described Prasarana chairperson Tajuddin Abdul Rahman’s press conference as the antics of a confused clown.

The recording should be released to the public as “How not to carry out a press conference 101”. From the very start, he presented a poor if typical reflection of the quality of politicians we are cursed with.

Obviously, he was not briefed and totally ill-prepared to meet the press. He was not even able to offer basic facts about the tragedy - the number of passengers on board, the number injured, and the number hospitalised. Seeing him lost and struggling, his gofers had to constantly step in to bail him out.

The entire tone of his behaviour was unbecoming of a company chief, it was disrespectful and inappropriate. Unbelievably, he was actually making jokes and laughing at his own attempts at humour.

But when he discovered the event was not a walk in the park, his demeanour changed to annoyed and even threatening. From the look on his face when he gave his now-famous “late in the night - first thing in the morning” excuse, he seemed to expect the journalists to actually break into applause.

But what was particularly offensive to the injured and their families was to hear Tajuddin say “only the two cars are together... they kissed each other", followed by a giggle.

That was the pits, Tajuddin, even though that’s your natural habitat.

Anonymous 5237890145285379: It looks like we have a chairperson of an organisation dealing with public transportation who does not know the meaning of crisis management.

Anyone who manages a company which can impact the public would have been trained in crisis management. But not only the chairperson of Prasarana does not know what crisis management is, he does not even seem to have the concern to be informed immediately when an incident happened in the organisation that he heads.

The incident happened at about 8.30pm and he declared that he was informed very late. He declared that he was attending a company meeting which is probably so important that he cannot be interrupted.

Even when he knew about the incident, he probably consoled himself that there were others who were already handling the incident so it would be better he had a good night sleep and showed his face “first thing in the morning”. Mind you, the public was reminded that he had to sacrifice his jab.

I hate to sound like an old record but this is the quality of key people running this country. A leader is supposed to handle a crisis immediately once informed of the crisis.

The organisation involved should immediately be setting up a crisis management team to handle the immediate issues of casualties (people), information on the casualties, enquiries from the immediate families of the affected people, etc.

The crisis team needs to inspect the trains (assets), the tracks, and other related train systems, etc. The team needs to start gathering information on the incident and check on any potential damage or new risks caused by the incident.

Then, there is the need to answer queries and new development regarding the whole crisis in order to project the image that Prasarana is professionally managed (reputation).

On the contrary, we have a so-called leader who was still showing a good mood when he is supposed to display empathy and concern for those injured. He is busy defending himself "the next day" instead of managing the crisis. Great show.

After witnessing the incompetency of handling the pandemic, I see another example of incompetency and ‘tidak apa’ attitude. I just shake my head at where Malaysia is heading. 

GooseNBanter: Tajuddin, questioning you to gauge your accountability on the catastrophe is not ‘provoking’ you. The underlying nuances from your response reflect your disdain towards the severity of the matter.

Deal with the ‘emotional’ needs first, it’s an emergency involving the injured. After whatever “tugasan syarikat diSubang”, why didn’t you head to the hospital (while getting an update from your operations/tech/ERT) to:

1. console, update and assure the injured of your full support;

2. their families and friends;

3. the medical team on duty; and

4. provide a brief PC based on 1, 2 and 3 above and what you had gathered from your operations/tech/ERT so that the rest of the nation is informed.

You actually concluded your presser with “…you all suka tegur, biar pulak I tegur.” That’s the height of egocentricity. 

OCT: Our VVIPs don't like tough questions and ugly incidents. They prefer cutting ribbons, attending conferences and ‘makan besar’. These events enhance their image, ego, and popularity.

Accidents are messy. Tough and difficult questions are asked. Heat is turned on. This is not Tajuddin’s cup of tea. So he went home, had a bath, relax with his wife, and called it a day. Those casualties can wait till tomorrow.

I won't resign for it was no fault of mine. Perhaps I should fire the driver as he caused the accident. See, problem solved. No need for an expensive and long inquiry. ‘Semuanya’ okay. Don't call me. I call you

GreenBear2417: I think you people don't understand. This poor guy was going for his second dose of Covid-19 vaccination. He had to spend the whole night preparing for his ordeal. Those people in the LRT train were just ordinary citizens... their never-ending problems were nothing compared to his upcoming ordeal. You people just don't understand the priorities. 

The journalists keep asking him all kinds of stupid questions, showing no sympathy for him, especially after he has had such a tiring 'meeting' dragging late into the wee hours of the night. He needs to be credited for still managing to maintain a good sense of humour, laughing sportingly at his own jokes.

We must also credit him for being at the scene first thing in the morning even though his mind was so disturbed and agitated by the dreadful thought of getting vaccinated later in the day.

Pulse: Who takes one whole night and morning to psyche himself for the second jab? That sniggering gave him away; lives are lost but he sniggers.

God Save Us: Mediocrity of those in office has been accepted and tolerated by the Malaysian public for a long time. This is the default SOP in existence.

However, this GLC chairperson's show of stupidity, incompetence, insensitivity, arrogance, and total disconnect from the realities of a tragic incident should not be tolerated.

He should be asked to resign without privileges. Failing which, he should be sacked.

Kingfisher1974: This is sheer incompetence. He is not qualified to be the Prasarana chairperson. He has demonstrated no knowledge, no sense of responsibility, no compassion, no dignity, no sensitivity to the victims and families, and no leadership in a crisis.

It reflects poorly on the people in power that appointed him. When are we going to learn that competence is important? Qualification is important. Getting the right people to do the job is important.

He is a disgrace to Prasarana and to Malaysia.

OceanMaster: Tajuddin as chairperson of Prasarana and his behaviour during the press conference addressing the public is the worst I had ever seen. The first press conference of MH370 is now relegated to second.

This is the epitome of everything that is wrong about Malaysia right now!

Rippoh2016: To the people who voted him and those like him into power, take a long hard look at where this country is and where it is going.

There is only arrogance coming from a sick joke of a leader, and yet he sits at the top of an organisation that manages the country's important assets.

Please ask yourself, regardless of race or religion, is this person really qualified to be where he is? Shouldn't all Malaysians do something to make sure that when the next GE comes along, people like him cannot go anywhere near the corridors of power?

Pipe dream, most might say, but the alternative is an even more unimaginable nightmare for this country if they continue to hold power.

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