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YOURSAY | He’s the biggest baggage M’sia has to endure

YOURSAY | ‘I think most people in Harapan must be rather relieved not to have to entertain Pejuang.’

Dr M may align Pejuang with Warisan, Muda to avoid Harapan’s ‘baggage’

PW Cheng: Former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, you directly and indirectly brought the country to its knees. In good times, that might not be obvious, but in times of crisis, we can see it crystal clear.

You talked about “inbreeding” in your book The Malay Dilemma and you adamantly built one-race political parties in a “political inbreeding” which has resulted in bad progeny.

The bunch of idiots now running the country is a result of exhaustive political inbreeding. Even for plants, inbreeding almost certainly produces inferior crops. That’s how nature works. Conversely, cross-pollination of political ideas can ensure healthy and good progeny in the political sphere.

Unfortunately, we have leaders who don’t see all this and are going down a path of self-destruction. Meanwhile, the innocent ordinary Malays, Chinese, Indians, and East Malaysians become the victims.

For you to say that you want to avoid Pakatan Harapan because of their baggage, that reminds me of some movies where the villain acts like a hero.

Maybe you will feel good or ‘syiok sendiri’ for saying that, but your baggage is actually much bigger and more toxic.

Poppy: If Warisan and the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) are wise enough, they will keep as far away as possible from Mahathir.

This man's reputation precedes him. He is never loyal to any cause except his own. He makes use of people to achieve his personal goals.

Look at Singapore today and compare them with Mahathir’s 22-year rule of Malaysia. What a success story they have been. Compare that with the direction this nation is heading. They are worlds apart.

Talking about corruption, it started during his time as leader. He allowed corruption to rear its ugly head which was subsequently brought to a higher level under his predecessors. So please look yourself in the mirror, Mahathir.

Why Warisan and Muda? Is it because they are younger and easier to manipulate? The rest like PKR and DAP are not willing to play ball? That’s just because they know you for who you are and are not willing to be fooled again with your false promises.

Gerard Lourdesamy: The best way for Warisan and Muda to commit political suicide is by aligning themselves with Pejuang.

The 15th general election (GE15) is not going to be about any third bloc but rather a fight between three coalitions namely PN, BN, and Harapan.

The biggest decrepit, deceitful, and disgraceful baggage around is Mahathir. Even the Malays have rejected him.

YellowSinga4147: @Gerard Lourdesamy, if you don’t have Malay friends, particularly in rural areas, don’t try to sound smart by making statements that Malays have rejected Mahathir.

Malays have never supported opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim en masse and will never do so in the future. He will only get support from DAP supporters who think they can turn him into a puppet prime minister.

Those who support corruption would support BN.

Gerard Lourdesamy: @YellowSinga4147, the surveys done by Utusan Malaysia and Berita Harian put Mahathir’s support level at 5% among Malay voters.

And for all you know, Umno has not ruled out working with Anwar post-GE15. In the history of our country, no third bloc has managed to get significant support from voters. So stop dreaming.

OrangeJaguar9341: All political parties have baggage. Even those who are newly registered or not yet registered carry the baggage of their leaders.

I think most people in Harapan must be rather relieved not to have to entertain Pejuang. Especially because there are still some (hopefully a small minority) who are enamoured by Mahathir and refuse to see his treachery and bigotry.

What will be of interest is the response of Muda and Warisan. These parties have touted multi-racialism and good governance in public. Will they put their money where their mouth is? Or will they compromise to accommodate the Malay party, Pejuang?

How committed are they to their principles? We'll find out...

Annonnymous 080: Mahathir is trying to send alarm bells to Bersatu, hoping that they will allow safe passage for his son and himself at the next GE as every seat will count.

As it is, Mahathir will have a tough time defending Langkawi, and he knows that only if he gets the backing of PN, he could make it.

Now, he is speaking with his usual forked tongue. The other two parties have yet to indicate their intentions and Mahathir seems to be speaking for them?

Just A Malaysian: Muda should be going out there, sprouting political green shoots. They should represent a young and new Malaysia and focus on the incoming few millions of young voters.

The last thing they need is to work with Pejuang headed by a soon-to-be 100-year-old leader. Muda, get out while you can. This man is toxic to the bones.

Salvage Malaysia: Mahathir, Malaysia’s political baggage is created by you. You never thought that former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak could have mastered the system you created.

Then you tried to set the same system under Harapan. Instead of really reforming the country, you ran it with arrogance.

Now you have another protege Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin who is equally good at taking advantage of the system. Senior Minister (Economy) Azmin Ali is learning fast too.

We, the innocent rakyat, are collateral damage to your toxic politics.

MokhtarAhmad: The old man doesn't know that he is the biggest baggage around. Warisan and Muda will only be tarnishing their image by associating themselves with him and the very people who were instrumental in the collapse of the Harapan government.

The rakyat haven't forgotten that. They are just waiting to teach him a lesson for not keeping his promise in the last GE.

RedWolf4463: Most opinions here agree that Mahathir is the biggest baggage that Harapan carried and the whole nation had to endure for the last 22 + 2 years.

Mahathir, the biggest baggage is that which you carry in yourself - your Malay dilemma (and delusion) that remains frozen in the 1970s while much of the world has moved on to a new century and a new millennium.

Your archaic and despotic mindset remains till today the biggest obstacle in Malays moving beyond their dilemma. You are the biggest baggage that Malaysians have had to endure.

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