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Covid-19 (June 9) - 6,239 new cases, almost half in Klang Valley
Published:  Jun 9, 2021 6:59 AM
Updated: 11:29 AM

The Health Ministry today reported 6,239 new Covid-19 cases bringing the total number of cumulative infections in the country to 633,891.

Selangor climbed back to above 2,000 cases while Kuala Lumpur also saw an uptick in cases. 

The increase led to the Klang Valley contributing to almost half of the total number of new cases over the past 24 hours.

Active Covid-19 cases have continued to drop for the third straight day after two months of continuous increases.

However, the number of patients requiring intensive care reached a new record today.

  • Active cases: 81,575
  • Patients in ICUs: 905
  • Intubated: 453

New cases by state

  • Selangor (2,291)
  • Kuala Lumpur (704)
  • Negeri Sembilan (507)
  • Johor (468)
  • Sarawak (419)
  • Kelantan (340)
  • Sabah (232)
  • Pahang (232)
  • Labuan (200)
  • Penang (194)
  • Perak (175)
  • Terengganu (171)
  • Malacca (150)
  • Kedah (135)
  • Putrajaya (17)
  • Perlis (4)

In Selangor (2,291), one in 10 new Covid-19 cases was detected among those who reported symptoms but were not close contacts or linked to existing clusters. 

This is considerably better than on May 26 when it was one in six.

As of last night, the R-naught (0.95) figure remains on a downtrend trend which it has been since May 29. An R-naught of less than 1.00 signifies that the spread of Covid-19 is decelerating.

At a more micro-level, the only states or territories where the R-naught is more than 1.00 are Sarawak, Perak, Negeri Sembilan, Labuan, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca and Sabah.


The Health Ministry reported another 75 deaths today attributed to Covid-19 bringing the national death toll to 3,611.

Selangor (23) reported the most deaths followed by Johor (18), Kelantan (7), Kuala Lumpur (5), Kedah (5), Negeri Sembilan (3), Sabah (3), Sarawak (3), Malacca (3), Perak (2), Labuan (1), Terengganu (1) and Penang (1).

There were four victims under the age of 40 and 11 victims who were pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. 

For a detailed breakdown of the reported deaths today, please refer to our Covid-19 tracker site.


The Health Ministry is currently monitoring 734 active Covid-19 clusters. For comparison, on May 9, there were 436 active clusters being monitored.

Another 15 new clusters were classified today, of which 13 involved workplaces.

Sungai Rasau 27 cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Selangor
District(s): Klang, Petaling and Kuala Langat
Total infected: 35 out of 149 screened

Perusahaan Dua Batu Caves cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Selangor
District(s): Gombak
Total infected: 12 out of 78 screened

Industri Balakong Tujuh cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Selangor
District(s): Hulu Langat, Petaling and Gombak
Total infected: 36 out of 183 screened

Camar Lapan cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Selangor
District(s): Kuala Langat
Total infected: 8 out of 21 screened

Alam Jaya Dua cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Selangor
District(s): Kuala Selangor and Gombak
Total infected: 62 out of 85 screened

Jalan Wisma cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Sabah
District(s): Kota Kinabalu
Total infected: 7 out of 25 screened

Lot Sembilan cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Sabah
District(s): Kuala Penyu and Beaufort
Total infected: 24 out of 88 screened

Kampung Huda cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Kelantan
District(s): Kota Bharu, Bachok, Pasir Puteh and Tumpat
Total infected: 24 out of 76 screened

Industri Teluk Kalong cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Terengganu
District(s): Kemaman
Total infected: 103 out of 1,500 screened

Lorong Perusahaan 8A cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Penang
District(s): Sebarang Perai Utara, Seberang Perai Tengah and Seberang Perai Selatan
Total infected: 34 out of 134 screened

Industri Medan Tasek cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Perak
District(s): Kinta
Total infected: 19 out of 231 screened

Jalan Keluli Sembilan cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Johor
District(s): Johor Bahru
Total infected: 14 out of 44 screened

Dah Mengkudu cluster
Category: Workplace
State(s): Kedah
District(s): Kota Setar, Kubang Pasu, Penandg and Yan
Total infected: 39 out of 157 screened

Gong Mengkeleh cluster
Category: Community
State(s): Kelantan
District(s): Pasir Puteh
Total infected: 20 out of 40 screened

Putra Sembilan cluster
Category: Private educational institution registered with Education Ministry
State(s): Putrajaya and Selangor
District(s): Putrajaya and Sepang
Total infected: 10 out of 49 screened

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