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COMMENT | When will Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong resign? It took a major accident and several injuries before the flaws in Malaysia's LRT incident were exposed; but will we ever learn from our mistakes? I doubt it.

Wee's pathetic and vague press statement yesterday was confusing. He said that blame should not be apportioned to anyone. Then, with great irony he urged the public to have greater confidence in the LRT.

Why should any of us have any confidence in the LRT network, or any proposed high-speed rail links in the future?

Would he have been as minimalist in his explanation if there had been deaths in the LRT crash?

First. Wee said that the driver (of the empty train) and the controller at the Operation Control Centre (OCC) had "overlooked" and "missed critical procedures" when attempting to guide the empty train to a "re-entry" point near the Dang Wangi LRT station.

Why can't he speak simple English and clarify his 'very complex' sounding terminology? What precisely, was "overlooked"? Who did the "overlooking"? Similarly, who "missed critical procedures"? What are the "critical procedures"...

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