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YOURSAY | No 'joy ride' for woman who exposed Kedah MB

YOURSAY | 'So strange... when we do the right thing, we get chastised and harassed...'

Woman who recorded Kedah MB's 'test drive' claims harassment

IndigoKite6964: I agree with Facebook user Nini Siron, who recorded Kedah Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor allegedly going on a car test drive during the movement control order (MCO) period.

If people flout the MCO rules, when will the pandemic end? Many of us are biting the bullet and hope that the weeks of suffering are necessary for the nation, and we can go back and earn our living.

Now, about Sanusi. Selling cars is less essential than alcohol. So why was the salesman there to start with? He said he chanced on a car dealership - was the salesman there as well? Is the car sales industry allowed to operate during the lockdown?

Also, you needed a whole delegation to go buy provisions when we are only allowed 10km travelling distance and a maximum of two people in a car? And what was he doing in Penang? Can't he go buy provisions in Kedah?

On the threats received by Nini over her recording, it is incomprehensible that there should be any. Is it the act of Sanusi's supporters? Is it PAS culture?

One thing for sure. Those who threatened Nini did not like what she did to their idol, even though what she did was well within her rights and reasonable.

What can we conclude? I think Sanusi thinks that Malaysians are so gullible that he can get away with things like arranging to meet the salesman at Autocity and when caught, gave the excuse of buying provisions.

As for the police force, let us see if how they handle the situation will cause their reputation to be eroded further.

Newday: This has gone way out of control. Nini, her husband and children’s photos, even their phone numbers, are widely circulated on social media, and there were threats from even a purported ustaz (religious teacher).

The nasty, vindictive, crass and vulgar actions by the supporter base of the Kedah MB and PAS were as if this woman had committed the most heinous crime in reporting the breaking of Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP).

Sanusi appeared to have lied about this as 24 hours later, he changed his story to match in some way the video that was taken. This admission did not stop the rabid supporter base. They ramped up their hate on top of more hate at the whole family.

Sanusi has not come out and condemned these rabid ones. Instead, he has let them run amok. Maybe he is vindictively happy with this.

These so-called pious people who claim to be closer to Allah than the rest of us, show zero godly traits and show nothing but darkness to the rest of us.

Go ahead - hate and hate some more. Show us all your true dark faces for us to remember. You will meet the Maker one day.

Vijay47: That we have in Malaysia people incapable of level-headed thinking is a fact known to everyone, especially these last couple of decades.

What is shocking is not the sickness itself but the sheer number of patients; the place seems to be crawling with them. One wonders what brings this about - is it the education they are subjected to, or to conditioning that Pavlov would have been amazed at?

Discarding common sense is one thing, but here people seem to have thrown away common decency with the kitchen sink and not for the first time either - recently we witnessed such mentality in the headmistress of the school 17-year-old Ain Husniza Saiful Nizam goes to, the continuing heroics of Professor Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, and UTM’s ban on dancer Ramli Ibrahim’s lecture on cultural universality.

Consider the latest tragedy where a citizen runs into a menteri besar. She records the politician clearly breaking Covid-19 SOPs and shares the video clip with the public. Rather than applauding her social service, certain depraved segments of society take to condemning and abusing her.

On what grounds must Sanusi be spared? He is another in a long line of politicians who have been utter disappointments in their crude, selfish, exploitative conduct, breaking almost every law there is to break.

When will the naive and ignorant ever learn that politicians have been using them as fodder for their own political advancement and amassment of riches for personal benefit?

OCT: It's every Malaysian’s duty to report any SOP breaches. It's to prevent the spread of the virus as the infection rate and deaths in Malaysia are at an all-time high.

On this note, most Malaysians are thankful and grateful to Nini for reporting a SOP breach that is putting her in harm's way. She is a brave and righteous Malaysian.

If the MB thinks that he has not broken any SOP, let the police investigate. He shouldn't be agitated or angry if he has not done anything wrong.

There is no need for his followers to harass poor Nini for doing her duty. If he is using his followers to do so, it makes the MB look like a bully. A gentleman he is not.

Poppy: What would this woman have to profit from exposing this crime? She is not an opposition politician or applying for a project.

Why harass her for speaking out for the wrong she saw? Sanusi and his PAS supporters should be man enough to let the authorities investigate, instead of harassing her. If there was enough evidence of him test driving the car, he should just own up and pay the fine.

PAS claims that they are so religious. They should trust God to deliver justice, rather than harass the woman.

BetterMY: Nini, I would like to congratulate you for having the courage to share this. You could have cowed to the pressure and dropped the report, but instead, you faced up to the harassing group by making the incident public.

As long as we have Malaysians like you who stand by principles, even if a crime involved VIPs and their supporters, this country has a bright future.

To VIPs: Don't think the rakyat are timid just because you have power or have some kind of religious authority. Shame on you for harassing folks who point out your transgressions.

Cyclonus: So strange... when we do the right thing, we get chastised and harassed as though we've committed the transgression, especially when it comes to accusing a person of power and position.

Why do some Malaysians think that VIPs, VVIPs and super VIPs are immune to the law and social norms? Why do we keep putting these species on a pedestal?

The idea that dignitaries are beyond question, criticism and reprieve by us mere mortals is outmoded as many among them have proven to be weak in character and fallible.

Whats_Now: We, the common rakyat, have suffered enough with months after months of MCO, being locked in and some even losing their means of survival, while others, their lives.

We need everyone to be responsible and play his/her part in making sure we get out of this quagmire as soon as possible. It has been more than a year now. Isn't that long enough?

If the VIPs, VVIPs, the ‘orang-orang besar dan kuat’ (those in high places with a lot of power) do not join in the fight with the common rakyat, we will be fighting a losing battle.

The 'generals' must lead by example. If we lose the battle, who is to blame? Blame the common men and women on the streets again? We all must follow the SOPs, regardless of our status and position, if we sincerely want to come on top of the virus.

The SOPs are meant to be applied equally, aren't they? Or am I mistaken?

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