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NEP - more transparency please
Published:  Oct 11, 2006 5:00 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Can Umno give a breakdown of the share-holdership of both bumis and non-bumis in each GLC?

On Umno veep: Asli's study will 'confuse' Malays

BOLH: Many years ago, there was a joke circulated in the United States on why women could never be US president because they would never admit they were 45 years of age. Whether it was true or otherwise that the NEP has helped the bumis to achieve a 45% stake in the nation's wealth, Umno should feel hearten by this news and to quickly work with Asli to confirm the figures and then tell the good news to the Malay community that they have finally arrived.

Umno should host a gathering and celebrate this auspicious occasion that the bumis do not need the crutches anymore and that they are now proud to be at par, not only with fellow Malaysians but the rest of the world too. Umno can and should take total credit for this achievement. Instead of the ecstasies, we face anti-climaxes like the usual self-denials, rebuttals of facts, and more sloganeering like "confusing the Malay populace", "don't play with fire", "it's tantamount to inciting ...". I guess once a pea-brain, always a pea-brain.

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