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COMMENT | Waffles and drivels after a prickly durian feast

COMMENT | Yesterday, Deputy Speaker of the Dewan Rakyat Rashid Hasnon joined the ranks and became a member of the exclusive group of VVIPs who breached provisions of the movement control order (MCO).

He was not exactly caught with his pants down but literally with his mask off after he made a trip to a dusun durian (durian orchard) with his rombongan (entourage). He then made a futile attempt at justifying that wrongdoing – a prerequisite for joining this elite group.

After doggedly claiming the video of him and his coterie feasting on durians was made before the MCO last year, he was caught out by amateur sleuths.

Grudgingly, Rashid (above) admitted to attending a durian feast recently but not before several doses of unpalatable excuses.

“I apologise for the confusion. When the media contacted me to ask about the video of me at the (durian) orchard, I answered without seeing the video first,” he said in his apology note.

Like many other politicians, it comes with...

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