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YOURSAY | When politicians are far removed from suffering of the people

YOURSAY | ‘By Annuar Musa’s reasoning, mat rempits is a sign of our success in road safety...’

People acting like there's no pandemic is govt success indicator - Annuar

Coward: Ignorance is not the same as bravery. Firstly, the Malaysian public may have underestimated the severity of Covid-19.

But now, we have a minister whose ignorance caused him to bravely state that the government’s effort to combat Covid-19 is a success, using the people’s ignorance as the yardstick.

While Joe Public has to shoulder some responsibility for the seriousness of the Covid-19 situation, the government is not blameless. The government failed to explain the seriousness of the pandemic to the people.

Their actions are also to blame: the government failed to properly enforce the standard operating procedures (SOPs), particularly the double standards of giving special treatment to politicians and celebrities.

The perception now is that the SOPs and the emergency are imposed to keep the government in power. The very elected officials who imposed the SOPs on us themselves do not seem to be following the SOPs.

This further entrenches the belief that the pandemic is being used as an excuse to keep the government in power.

Poppy: Federal Territories Minister Annuar Musa, how long do you want the people to remain indoors and keep their businesses shut? People have reached a stage where if they don’t find an income, they may face hunger.

Why are the people out in a pandemic? Even after knowing their predicament, the authorities keep announcing the number of people caught for breaking the movement control order (MCO) rules daily, as if it is a great achievement.

They fine these poor individuals while if VIPs break the same law, files are opened, investigations done, and then you do not hear anything about them.

BlueShark1548: Annuar, you have been vaccinated and you can go around without fear of infection. Meanwhile, many senior citizens are still not vaccinated despite having registered.

What has the Health Ministry director-general, the National Security Council (NSC) and the news media been telling the public daily? Do not come out!

Well, the people have been under MCO and other restrictions for more than a year. Many have lost their jobs and income, are unable to pay rent and loan instalments and suffer from mental stress.

Do you call all these PN government's success? Do you know the number of suicides over the past year? If MCO is extended indefinitely, do you know the consequences for businesses and the people?

You are getting full pay without having to work; of course, you consider PN a success.

Cogito Ergo Sum: Does he expect anyone to accept his warped logic? Because people are flouting the lockdown, they are not afraid of the pandemic. Ergo, we have beaten the outbreak!

BusinessFirst: By Annuar’s reasoning, mat rempits racing down highways with no lights is a sign of Malaysia's success in road safety since they have no fear.

Indeed, the fact that people are happy to drive under construction sites above them without fear of being crushed by falling concrete is a sign of PN's superb supervision of construction safety; so the fact that it happens on a regular basis does not detract from such success.

Besides that, the fact that people still take the LRT despite trains "kissing" each other proves PN's success. Wow, then what is failure?

Public Transit Is Better Than Highways: Are people being ignorant of the dangers of Covid-19 on purpose or is it because they need to work to support themselves and their families? People will do desperate things to put food on the table.

Also, Annuar says people keep flouting the Covid-19 SOPs imposed by the government. Could this actually be because of lax enforcement and corruption?

IndigoTrout2522: Look into the mirror and see what have you done, and look at what your ministers and officials had done. You are the ones who flouted the SOP but never got punished.

Secondly, your handling of pandemic is among the worst, even among Asian countries, on a per 100,000 basis. Malaysia has a small population and yet high in infection, especially they happened while other countries are improving and recovering.

Your management of the vaccination is a shame. All this is due to an inept and incapable PN government.

Justice: Good that we have released our geram (frustration) over all the stupidity of our ministers, otherwise we would just explode.

But our anger and frustration will not change our situation. Action to educate others and convince them of our urgent need to vote out all stupid ministers and politicians in the 15th general election (GE15) and future elections is really important.

Take steps now by educating and convincing all voters, starting with our family members then relatives, neighbours, friends, and colleagues not to vote for such politicians and not be easily emotional, misled, hoodwinked, or manipulated by politicians who always use race and religion and who pretend to be racial and religious champions to win our votes during the election.

This stupidity we face now from our ministers and politicians is also a consequence of our own gullible action of voting the wrong candidates during the election.

Voting the same stupid candidates but expecting different and better results or outcomes from them or a better life for us and our country was our own tragic mistake in the past.

So, learn fast, don’t ever repeat the same fatal mistakes. Be a smart voter in GE15 and future elections to save us and our beloved country.

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