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YOURSAY | White flag initiative puts govt to shame

YOURSAY | ‘I ‘surrender’ to the fact that the govt is not doing all it can to...’

'White flag' raised online as campaign reaches those in need

After raising white flag, father of two gets help for food, rent

Simple123: Picture these images. One spends months in New Zealand while being paid as an MP. Another sends his five-year-old son overseas for schooling. Another enjoys a durian party.

One common thread links them all - they have power, money and connection, all at the expense of the rakyat.

Another side of Malaysia - the poor, the sick, and the powerless. The single parent, the unemployed, the many mouths to feed, the failing businesses. Who takes care of them?

Where is our yardstick in the management of this pandemic? Are we doing better or worse than our neighbours? If not better, why not? How can we improve?

Those in charge, please start moving. People are dying.

OCT: Why don't Perikatan Nasional (PN) government ministers pull together and set up a fund to help all these poor folks who are in dire need of basic necessities?

A minister has the resources to go overseas to register his son for school. An MB has the resources to donate to Palestinians while the rakyat are suffering.

The rakyat can see ministers having big makan (feast) here and there. And driving expensive cars.

Now is the time for the ministers and chief executive officers (CEOs) of government-linked companies to help out. One such CEO is earning almost a million a month in salary. How do you like that?

The rich have no sympathy for their fellow rakyat. They keep on enriching themselves without a care or thought about the rakyat’s sufferings.

The MCO (movement control order) is the real killer and it kills the rakyat silently. It is time for Malaysians to show we care for each other irrespective of colour, religion, culture or status. One for all and all for one!

Poppy: This is a sad picture of a nation that is rich in natural resources being brought down to its knees. The flying of a white flag indicates there are hungry families who have nothing left.

It is not that they do not want to work but the shutting down of the economy to suit the agenda of a few selfish and power-crazy politicians have forced them into the corner.

This is just a year and a half into the Covid-19 pandemic, how many more years of ‘famine’ are the people going to experience?

How many properties or land is enough to satisfy the rich? How many private jets do they need? How many times do they and their families need to go around the world?

To these people, look down from your palatial homes. This is your nation and it is the only one that you can really call home.

Fantastic4: It's quite sad that 64 years after independence, Malaysians can longer depend on the government to take care of its citizens.

White flag means ‘I surrender’. I ‘surrender’ to the fact that the government is not doing what it can to ensure that its citizens are having three square meals on the table.

What is the government doing? Taking care of its own three square meals or even four square meals? Durian feasts? Positions? Money in bank account? Sending kids to study overseas?

People have lost jobs. Some have lost family members to Covid-19. Many have no income. We have heard of people taking their own lives.

What do we do when our ‘parents’ do not take care of us? We pray, and then act on it - put out the white flag.

It's heartening to note that Malaysians are a caring lot. The white flag-bearer now has enough to go by. For now.

I implore the government of the day, please, take care of Malaysia.

Doc: This story is just one of many that clearly indicates Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin and his PN government policies on Covid-19 and economic management have failed not only the Malay community that these politicians came together to protect and uplift economically, but Malaysians of all races and religions.

If this white flag initiative should happen in a developed nation, the PM would have resigned in shame. But our PM and his ministers are all blessed with super thick skin that they are devoid of shame.

The Wakandan: When I read this article, it made me want to cry.

How hard it is to be deprived. How painful it is to have no food. How shameful it is to beg, to raise the white flag, to show the whole world that you are left with nothing and in dire need.

In a society where there is often condemnation and leering at those who are unfortunate, it must be really terrible to raise the white flag.

But they have no choice, they are doing it not for themselves but for the sake of their little ones and the aged who must eat to survive.

BlueShark1548: Those who put up white flags should not think that they are begging. It is just that under the circumstances faced by them at these difficult times, they ran out of food or money and need some help.

We are thankful that we have good neighbours, friends, NGOs, and elected representatives willing to share their blessings. Indeed, there is no shame in taking care of our family with assistance from others during these difficult times.

Caring Citizens of Malaysia: If this government cannot help us, we help each other. Kita jaga kita. Don't just pray like some PAS people have advised.

It’s time for us to show compassion. Good deeds will win applaud from everywhere, including the one high up upon us.

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