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YOURSAY | 'Nik Abduh, God helps those who help themselves'

YOURSAY | 'Your suggestion is the Malaysian variant of 'Let them eat cake'.'

Nik Abduh: Pray when faced with challenges, not wave white flag

GoldenDeer9520: PAS leader Nik Abduh Nik Aziz should also advise preacher Ebit Liew that he didn’t need to travel to help people in faraway lands as whatever troubles they are facing are just challenges imposed upon them by God.

He should also tell these people in trouble to pray very hard.

In fact, everyone in this world should just pray hard for whatever they need - food, water, shelter, Mercedes-Benz, for Covid-19 to go away, not to fall sick, and for the body to heal itself. There is no need to see a doctor, you get the drift?

Also, please pray that the prime minister will reopen Parliament soon.

Thai Brother: The Palestinians did not raise any white flags, and you and your party rushed to help them by soliciting donations.

Many people from Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and many other poor Islamic countries in conflict have received your help, while our very own Muslim brothers and sisters are suffering at home in our own country.

Instead of helping, you tell them to not raise white flags but to pray to God. How could you do this to your own people?

ScarletPanda9731: Prayer is one thing, action is another. What is the use of prayer alone when you do not act? God helps those who help themselves.

Oriole: This is the Malaysian variant of “Let them eat cake”.

Such arrogance of powerful people who have no understanding of the suffering of many in Malaysia today.

LCS: Wow, this is such an insensitive comment. Why is Nik Abduh knocking people who are asking for help?

With all due respect to a person’s faith, prayer nourishes the soul, but the body needs material replenishment.

Mat Dom: My faith teaches me that we are hands and feet of the divine.

When there is a white flag, the divine asks us to go to help those who are suffering, driven by love and compassion - using my hands and feet to give food or other aid.

GalaxyM: How can Nik Abduh make such a stupid suggestion? The people have lost their incomes for months and have mouths to feed. They have no savings.

Can they get what they want by just praying to their gods?

Iphonezours: Nik Abduh, while we always place our hope in God, we cannot trust politicians like you, your party, and the government, whose only thoughts are their own political survival.

That’s why we Malaysians will help one another through this white flag initiative. We will help as many Malaysians as possible through these difficult times. This is truly “kita jaga kita”.

Geram: Many have been praying for a long time and no help came, and then they committed suicide.

Praying is good, but you need to do something to get something. Can you understand that, Nik Abduh?

Tholkappian: If that’s your advice (pray instead of asking for help), then why do we even need politicians and the government?

Let’s pray when our neighbourhood is regularly hit by flash floods due to the poor drainage system. We do not need you to investigate the cause and improve the drainage system. God will take care of that.

When we do not have enough funds to start a farm or to plant our own vegetables, we pray. There’s no need for a government scheme to help us get capital for these enterprises.

When the education quality in our schools is dipping, we pray to God. We do not need you to revamp and restructure the education system and create a more effective education plan.

Therefore, Nik Abduh, what do we need politicians like you for if we can just pray to overcome all of our challenges?

PinkMacaw9878: He can pray because he gets a big fat pay cheque every month.

For the poor and helpless, praying is not going to put food on the table but waving the white flag might.

The less fortunate have been praying every day for the past one and a half years, yet Covid-19 is still around.

Dr Suresh Kumar: This is an insult to all those who are suffering and those who have committed suicide due to this pandemic. I beseech this ignorant and selfish man to withdraw his insulting comment.

S90: Malaysians are prepared to ask friends and neighbours for help, and I see nothing wrong with their actions.

Nik Abduh, you also happen to be the worst neighbour a person could have because you only pay lip service.

BluePanther4725: Why should one be limited to praying only?

Isn't it better to raise a flag and pray for help, in every way possible, when one is in a desperate situation?

VioletCondor4775: I'm not against praying but this is way too hard to stomach. He doesn’t understand hunger.

There are plenty of appeals for food and medical aid on WhatsApp every day. This is desperation on the ground and this politician is asking them to pray?

I’m sure many have but it hasn’t rained food yet, anywhere in the world. Get real, man. Get on the ground and help out.

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