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Locally-made app helps single mom get help in the lockdown

Fad is a single mother living with her infant daughter in Johor, and like many others, she is finding it tough to get by as the Covid-19 lockdown shows no signs of easing.

“I was not lucky enough to get a job and there's no more money in my savings,” she told Malaysiakini.

Unemployed and with another mouth to feed, she held herself back from joining the #BenderaPutih campaign to raise a white flag to call for aid.

“I did not raise a white flag in front of my house because my family still has food,” she said.

Nevertheless, Fad needed milk and diapers for her daughter and reached out to a local association in Kluang where she stays in hopes of getting assistance.

“Maybe there's a lot of people asking for help, so I waited for four days. But still, there was no response from them,” she said.

That’s when she found, a web application created by a local tech company to connect those who need help with those willing to provide it...

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