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Food bank in Kuantan ordered to close, organiser claims political interference

A food bank in Kuantan, Pahang, which has dished out aid to over 1,000 families since the past month was ordered to close by state authorities yesterday, a move which was criticised by the organisers.

When contacted, a member of the organising committee claimed that political interference was suspected to be behind the order.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the man told Malaysiakini that the food bank was initiated last month by a group of friends in Taman Tok Sira, who chipped in their pocket money to help those in critical financial distress.

What started as a simple food rack placed behind a restaurant turned into a much bigger initiative after the food bank went viral on social media and attracted more donors and partners, including VIPs in the area and the involvement of Masjid Tok Sira and the local Rukun Tetangga committee.

"Due to the strong backing, our food bank became famous in Kuantan in no time and was given the moniker 'Foodbank Kayangan' as the items...

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