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Grieving Yuna doesn't want return to old normal, but a better world

MALAYSIANSKINI | When Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Yuna came back to Malaysia for work in March 2020, she didn’t think she would be staying for longer than a week before heading back to the US.

That was until the first Covid-19 lockdown was announced in Malaysia.

One week turned to two, then it became a month, and then three. Now, it has been almost a year and a half into the pandemic with multiple lockdowns and Yuna has resided in Malaysia through it all.

Despite having only packed for a week, she made the decision to stay in Malaysia to ensure her family was safe during these unprecedented times.

But what she did not expect during her time back was to find herself losing a family member to the deadly virus.

In July, Yuna took to Instagram to announce the passing of her best friend and cousin Amilya Saila Aminoddin (also referred to as Amy) who came in close contact with a Covid-19 patient while undergoing her dialysis for kidney failure.

While such grief may have stopped anyone...

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