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TimeTec Smart Parking 6/12: Cloud Parking Management System
Published:  Aug 11, 2021 11:32 AM
Updated: 3:39 AM

Unlike on-street parking, the off-street parking system is hardware intensive, requiring heavy investment in hardware equipment. Although the advancement of technology has largely brought down the hardware cost over the years, hardware investment is still quite significant when it comes to pricing. Besides, in its operation, another noteworthy part of expenditure still goes to hardware maintenance.

Despite the hardware cost, the software plays a more critical role in a parking system to ensure the success of parking deployment, especially when cashless and touchless are becoming the new trend that requires a revamping of software from its foundation. A shift from purely on-premise Windows-based/Web-based software to include a cloud platform is inevitable.

TimeTec Parking Management System, or PMS as its acronym, intends to change the hardware-driven parking industry to emphasize software as the main driver in the digital transformation era.

“The parking requirements for commercial office towers and shopping malls are almost identical in general. Both need a system that can cater for casual and season parking. However, because the traffic is heavier in shopping malls and they receive more random visitors, the parking system has to tailor and accommodate the nature of its operation to suit different environments. For example, shopping malls would prefer more in-depth data analytics that can provide descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and preemptive analysis than office towers. Furthermore, promo code and validation tied up with shopper’s purchase activities are essential for shopping malls, and they need more flexible parking rules.” TimeTec CEO Teh Hon Seng elaborated how software should handle the differences in parking operations.

He continued, “Whereas office towers emphasize more on season pass subscriptions, renewals, nested parking, etc. for both tenant companies and individuals; even casual parking is equally important, less variety of parking methods are normally offered to users if compared to shopping malls. And for hotels, besides casual parking, they normally require valet parking. To ease the management, building owners that owned multiple buildings should ensure that their parking system can manage multiple parking sites at different locations. And, some buildings may impose fines for haphazard parkers, the same parking system should have the enforcement module.”

“The good news is, the comprehensiveness of TimeTec PMS covers all of the above and more. Another advantage of TimeTec PMS is that it supports a wide range of front-end parking and payment methods. This benefit helps the operator to generate just one report by consolidating all the data from different parking methods and payments to ease administration.”

Does your PMS come with a parking App?


Do you provide API for your PMS to integrate with a third-party system such as a shopping mall App?


The summary of TimeTec PMS is illustrated in the following diagram:

Please contact Kelvin Lim, Sales Manager, at [email protected] or 012-6891180 for product presentation and demonstration appointments. You may also call 03-80709933 general line or write to [email protected] for more information.

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About TimeTec

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