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COMMENT | Lessons for Malaysia’s next government

COMMENT | Malaysia has experienced a tumultuous week in politics – with the prime minister acknowledging he does not have a majority and the opposition publicly rejecting his disingenuous offer of reforms.

Friday the "backdoor" prime minister offered various parties in the opposition the "side door" not fully appreciating that his own house and the country are on fire facing the most serious effects of Covid-19 yet.

Muhyiddin Yassin and his PN 1.0 government have had 17 months in office. He himself has admitted his government does not hold a majority. He is expected to resign tomorrow. His government should go as well as they are an integral part of why his government has failed. They should step down without delay.

There are those within the current PN 1.0 government that would like to reconfigure the leadership, become a PN 2.0-MuyhiddinLight alternative. Tomorrow shall see whether those in power respect a parliamentary system, the idea of a loss of majority, the Federal Constitution and assure a peaceful transition.

At this juncture, PN 1.0 leaders staying on is not helping Malaysia; delaying a departure is damaging Malaysia’s reputation abroad and reinforcing...

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