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COMMENT | Does anyone think Ismail Sabri is a PM for all M'sians?

“All political parties die at last of swallowing their own lies.”

- John Arbuthnot

COMMENT | I have no idea why Lim Guan Eng would remind the current prime minister to be a prime minister for all Malaysians.

Remember what Lenin said? “Our party, like any other political party, strives for political supremacy for itself.” Which is generally true, I suppose.

The DAP, or at least its emissaries (since everything is shrouded in secrecy), made a ballsy move that could have been paradigm-shifting when it opened negotiations with Muhyiddin Yassin for some sort of collaboration. It did something that is counter to what Lenin asserted. But of course, it came to nothing.

Ronnie Liu even went so far as to claim that there was something suspicious about this, that Damansara MP Tony Pua and others should retract their statements that “Umno is not our political enemy now” and that the...
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