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COMMENT | Will young leaders reform Harapan?

“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims... but accomplices.”

- George Orwell

COMMENT | You know that old saying, there are no victims only volunteers, this sums up how some (maybe even many) feel about their support of Pakatan Harapan. What the last couple of weeks have demonstrated is that the issues facing Harapan are systemic.

Governmental malfeasances on a state level, lack of coherence when it comes to articulating policy positions (when Harapan has policy positions that is) and the politics of demonisation which is crippling in this time of a pandemic, are all indicative that Harapan has been hanging onto the coattails (and emulating) failed BN governments instead of being the alternative to the system in place.

Sure, the backtracking and failure to implement campaign promises were important factors in these diminishing returns opposition, however, people could forgive a lot if only they did not feel that they were being played for chumps. Does anyone really believe that nobody in Harapan knew of the forest reserve debacle for instance?

The easy answer seems to be...

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