School term for this year extended to March 2022

The school term for this year, which has been thrown into disarray due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be extended until March 2022.

This was announced by Education Minister Mohd Radzi Md Jidin who outlined the government's plan to reopen schools.

"Our children will remain in their respective classes in January and February 2022 before moving to the next class in March 2022," he told a virtual briefing.

Radzi said the extended term will allow an additional two months for any students found to be left behind.

He said his ministry is taking this approach to address any issues among students who faced difficulties throughout the online home learning period.

"These two months will be used by the ministry to evaluate the students' understanding and see what help or support is needed before they enter the next class, as well as ensure they are well prepared.

"For that reason, if any students were found to have a weaker grasp of their lessons, focus will be given in the two months on an intervention programme so they can master the minimum level needed to progress," he said.

Radzi added that students who had no problems going through their lessons at home will also be guided to maintain their performance.

The switch to online learning since the start of the pandemic last year exposed a digital divide between urban and rural areas, particularly in terms of internet access.

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