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Govt appears to cook NEP figures
Published:  Nov 13, 2006 4:19 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

The latest assertion by Awang Adek reinforces earlier observation that the original 18.9% was simply plucked from the thin air to suit political expediency, says a reader.

On Gov't: Bumi share ownership at 36.6%

PT Tan: The latest assertion by Awang Adek reinforces my earlier observation that the original 18.9% was simply plucked from the thin air to suit political expediency. When pressed for the methodology for 18.9% the government has failed, after more than a month of tinkering with the numbers, it came out and admitted that it is 36%.

We have voted in a government that is consistent in one thing lying.

On Perlis MB: Azhar Mansor is still a Muslim

An Understanding Malaysian: A few days ago, the papers reported that Azhar Mansor declined immediate comments to the press, stating that he would speak after police had completed their investigation into the SMS affair.

Now, it is the Perlis Menteri Besar who does all the talking on behalf of Azhar (who is by no means a little child) and "Azhar declined to meet journalists waiting outside the MB's office". Malaysians have even been treated to an explanation for Azhar's 'late' visit to the Menteri Besar this year.

On Proton foreign tie-up decision in three months

Proton Ilham: The problems of Proton have nothing to do with economies of scale or other factors the we made to believe. Here is the problem. Proton makes the cars and sells them through its marketing arm, EON. Take the Wira. It is sold to EON at RM28,000 or thereabout. EON sells it for, after paying tax, at RM50,000 or thereabout. Hence, EON makes a fat profit without even lifting a finger.

Change this marketing to direct sales by Proton. Walla! There is no need for Proton to look for a foreign partner.

On Church to sue TNB over power cut

Sadirah K: TNB's rights to disconnect supply or to withhold supply of electricity is subject to the Electricity Supply Act and Regulations. Section 30(4) clearly states that pending the determination of any dispute arising under section 24 to 29 between the licensee and a person requiring a supply of electricity, the licensee shall continue to give supply of electricity until the determination of the dispute. This is assuming that the present disputants have paid their electricity bills.

We have far too many Napoleons around who think that they can act with impunity and that they are above the law. Obviously the chairman of Tenaga acts as though he is bigger then the Energy Commission. Nevertheless, I wonder whether the Energy Commission has the guts to put him in place when they are so empowered to do so.

Tenaga is licenced by the Energy Commission. I suggest that the church proceeds and brings this matter before the judiciary. If the chairman of Tenaga does not appreciate what it means to head a service utility then it is best that he steps down. We must ensure that the rule of law prevails. While I am not from Ipoh nor do I know much about the church, withholding electricity supply is no small matter and the law is there to protect consumers.

On Mahathir may leave hospital soon

Ng Wei Keong: I am sad and disappointed at the way the former PM is treating our present PM. Mere claims of being a Malaysian citizen and commoner don't give him the right to bulldoze other opinions and make demands. By doing so, he is tarnishing the good image and status of commoner like myself and others.

A typical commoner is patience and courteous, he is also hardworking and just earn barely enough to cover his family expenses; his saving is inconsistence and any extras would be from bonus or incentives during festive seasons. Notwithstanding our dignity is intact, we therefore desist the former PM from encroaching into our realm.