Covid-19 (Oct 8): 9,751 cases, slight uptick in Klang Valley
Published:  Oct 8, 2021 6:08 AM
Updated: 11:13 AM

The Health Ministry today reported 9,751 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative infections to 2,323,478.

Selangor topped the chart with 1,796 fresh infections, the highest in eight days.

This is the first time in 16 days that fresh infections in Selangor had overtaken Sarawak, which is a new epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Hospitalisation of Covid-19 patients in Sarawak has been relatively unchanged for the past week after trending up for two months straight.

Kuala Lumpur is also seeing a slight increase in fresh infections - the highest in 15 days - although it has made much progress from the record high of 2,880 on July 28.

  •  Patients in ICU: 792 (715 confirmed; 77 suspected)
  • Intubated: 386 (302 confirmed; 84 probable)

As of today, the number of Covid-19 patients (including suspected ones) in the intensive care unit (ICU) is 12.0 percent lower compared to a week ago.

Today's active cases and reported deaths will only be released after midnight. For yesterday's figures, click here.

West Malaysia made up 7,705 of the new cases or 79.0 percent while East Malaysia contributed to 2,046 of the fresh infections or 21.0 percent.

In Peninsular Malaysia, the Klang Valley was responsible for 2,154 or 28.0 percent of the new infections while the remaining 5,551 cases or 72.0 percent came from outside of the Klang Valley.

New cases by states

Selangor (1,796)
Sarawak (1,339)
Kelantan (1,052)
Johor (864)
Sabah (705)
Terengganu (650)
Perak (643)
Penang (632)
Kedah (578)
Pahang (551)
Kuala Lumpur (313)
Malacca (244)
Negeri Sembilan (243)
Perlis (94)
Putrajaya (45)
Labuan (2)


The Health Ministry is currently monitoring 874 active clusters, down 18.2 percent from a week ago.

The 10 new clusters classified today comprised six workplace clusters (60.0 percent), two community clusters (20.0 percent), one high-risk group clusters (10.0 percent) and one pendidikan tinggi clusters (10.0 percent).

Industri Jalan Kecapi 33/2
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Klang
Initial tests: 24 out of 125 infected (19.2 percent)

Jalan Lama Bagan Terap
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Sabak Bernam
Initial tests: 17 out of 52 infected (32.7 percent)

Jalan Budiman 25
Category: Workplace
States: Kuala Lumpur
District(s): Cheras
Initial tests: 12 out of 30 infected (40.0 percent)

Tapak Bina Taman Changkat Iskandar
Category: Workplace
States: Perak
District(s): Perak Tengah
Initial tests: 29 out of 56 infected (51.8 percent)

Industri Teknologi Cheng Sembilan
Category: Workplace
States: Malacca
District(s): Melaka Tengah
Initial tests: 15 out of 151 infected (9.9 percent)

Industri Gemilang Kluang
Category: Workplace
States: Johor
District(s): Kluang
Initial tests: 12 out of 40 infected (30.0 percent)

Rumpun Makmur
Category: Community
States: Pahang
District(s): Temerloh
Initial tests: 35 out of 66 infected (53.0 percent)

Kampung Sungai Ubi
Category: Community
States: Pahang
District(s): Cameron Highlands
Initial tests: 27 out of 175 infected (15.4 percent)

Jalan Bachok Dua
Category: High-risk group
States: Kelantan
District(s): Bachok, Tumpat, and Kota Bharu
Initial tests: 10 out of 18 infected (55.6 percent)

Jalan Maktab Sungai Besi
Category: Pendidikan Tinggi
States: Kuala Lumpur
District(s): Cheras
Initial tests: 6 out of 73 infected (8.2 percent)

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