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The gravy train called Crony Express
Published:  Nov 14, 2006 5:07 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

We know the BN government will never end the NEP, which have become so much part of the gravy train that moves along the Crony Express, says a reader.

On Bumi equity: Gov't retracts 36.6% figure

YSM: This administration has a long list of U-turns which only shows the lack of thought put into any decision. How can calculations in this case be changed so easily? How can the Economic Planning Unit make mistakes and errors in arriving at their calculations unless they try hard to find the lowest percentages for bumi equity.

It does not matter to many Malaysians whether the figure is 18%, 20%, 36% or 45%. We know this BN government will never end the NEP, which have become so much part of the gravy train that moves along the Crony Express. The many consultants and contractors circling Putrajaya for contracts and handouts will not allow them to end the NEP anytime soon. It's what makes the Malaysian political scene go around. Unfortunately, we will all have to live with it.

On NEP to stay until national unity is achieved

Ah Chong: The New Economic Policy (NEP) is an oxymoron to national unity. The NEP was useful when the nation was clearly divided economically where many urban dwellers were entrepreneurial Chinese and businessmen while the rural heartlands were Malay farmers and fishermen. It is not so today.

The minister had said; "So long as there is unequal distribution of wealth between the races [...] that's how long we need an agenda to ensure balance participation between the races so that wealth is distributed equally and fairly."

The truth is the major issue is not the unequal distribution of wealth between the races, but the unequal distribution of wealth within the races. As long as the BN government rules, race will always be an issue since that is the way the BN is divided. The main casualty in this political system is the poor - those below the poverty line from all ethnic backgrounds.

The NEP has spawned a culture of wealth with as little work as possible. A generation of pseudo businessmen who live as "consultants" when all they do are "introductions". They introduce industrialists to government and political insiders who are all in for the quick buck. There is no real transfer of technology, no value added, no learning and no long-term business plans based on solid traditional business models that help grow the GNP or productivity.

In perpetuating the NEP, it's clear the BN has lost touch with the plight of the rakyat. I was pleasantly surprised to see the protest against the fuel pice hike was truly a mixed crowd from all races because we all as Malaysians suffer when a bad decision is made.

On Malicious SMS - ISA the last resort

Roshan: Is concrete action going to be taken against the Perak mufti? Has the mufti officially apologised to the people of the Silibin church and the children taking their all-important first holy communion for the commotion that was a direct cause of the mufti's spreading of untruths at the meeting with Muslim NGOs at his mosque on Nov 2?

On Journalists hauled up over reports on model's murder

Ahmad Fuad: The IGP said: "Calling up the journalists is not scare tactic but done to avoid complications when the case is heard." Yes, I fully support this - we should adhere to nothing less than 'innocent until proven guilty'.

(Just thinking aloud)... How many journalists were called "to avoid complications" when the Malay Mail screamed 'sodomy' 15 times (in a special late edition at that!) way back on that fateful day of Sept 2, 1998.

On Give Abdullah 'as long as he needs'

Disgusted: I cannot understand why AAB (Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) needs extra time to perform better. He is not new in the governing environment. Appraisal is immediate for the first year in office. He has not done anything to curb corruption.

The RM3 billion second Penang bridge project was assigned to Umno-linked UEM by him. For that colossal sum, why was tender not considered? This is a conflict of interest issue.

Why are ministers wanting to give him more time to perform? Are they not having enough yet or are they scare that they will not be protected. New hires for private companies have probation period of six months and appraisal is carried out to confirm the employment. Yearly appraisal follow after. Why must AAB be the exception?

On Mahathir may leave hospital soon

Mohd Sidik and Family: My family and I, on behalf of thousands of Malaysians, pray for Mahathir's health and speedy recovery. He has worked hard enough despite that he is now 81 years old. It is time that he should go slow and relax.

My father-in-law, who is now in India and once had lived in Kedah, had served Dr M when he visits the grocery shop he used to work. When we conveyed the message of Mahathir's heart attack to him, he was depressed and offered prayers for his health. Please conveyed our prayers and our get-well-soon message to him.