YOURSAY | A pro-BN 'PKR' to join the electoral fray

YOURSAY | 'The party is meant to confuse some voters who are voting for PKR.'

Parti Kuasa Rakyat will be BN-friendly to better achieve its goals

Newday: Parti Kuasa Rakyat pro-tem president and prime minister’s brother Kamarazaman Yaakob, all I see are hollow words.

The party and coalition you align with have said they look after the welfare of poor and disenfranchised Malays. But have they really?

No, there are still many poor Malays among us, and at the same time, those in the upper echelons have become fabulously wealthy in the process.

We had a mere 22 months, out of over 60 years since independence, of an alternative government that was more rakyat-centric. The people you now align with had continually sabotaged them and eventually staged a political coup.

We never witnessed what could have happened to the overall well-being and wealth distribution of Malaysia under Pakatan Harapan because your disingenuous partners made sure Harapan didn’t succeed.

Come on, be serious. Condemn the rampant corruption and self-enrichment by those in charge. Why are you aligning with them? You contribute to the great lie and the great con that is still being perpetuated by your allies.

BobbyO: Parti Kuasa Rakyat is to be BN friendly? What has BN contributed to the nation? It has been in power for over 60 years. How much poverty have they eradicated? Today, after more than half a century, many are still in poverty.

So how will BN help in solving the problems of the poor? Have they done anything all these years? Look at the Covid-19 crisis. It revealed the true picture of what is happening in this nation.

Well, we know what your intentions are together with your brother, Ismail Sabri Yaakob. You both are trying to get the support from the non-Malays - support that BN lost through MCA and MIC.

What about the magnitude of corruption under BN? The billions stashed away? Why are you being friendly with a coalition that has a bad corruption record?

What part would you play in speaking out concerning corruption issues? What about the racial imbalance in the government service? What about the many government agencies that need to be checked, especially the police, the MACC and the judiciary?

What is your stand concerning these issues and the many others that have eroded the confidence of foreign investors?

Dr Raman Letchumanan: Kamarazaman, yesterday you said, “The seats I will contest are in multiracial constituencies and if there is a Parliament seat in a Malay area, then my party will support BN.”

Basically, you admit you are going to be a lackey of Umno, much like what MCA and MIC have been. You contest in seats that are strongholds of Harapan and support Umno in Malay-majority seats. And your prime minister brother supposedly has not been told about your plans for this party? Really?

Today you say “to get free houses for the needy or free education for poor children or free healthcare for those who need it will not happen if we are not friendly with the government of the day, and our party is multiracial”.

So you mean to say the government of the day needs to be told how to do their job? Do they need to be reminded there's another “multiracial” party that needs to be fed and fattened first? Wow!

AnthonyChan: It is beyond doubt that the party is meant to confuse some voters who will be voting for PKR.

Not only does it share the same initials as PKR, but it will also have former PKR leaders and members, as indicated by their attendance at the launch. It may cause even more confusion if more PKR members resign prior to GE15 and join it.

RR: Parti Kuasa Rakyat, or the “new PKR”, if it is genuinely and sincerely formed to serve the rakyat and nation without racial or religious bias, it should try and form a new government, not try to work with the current government.

Don’t hoodwink the people. The rakyat are now very conscious of their responsibility to vote in the right party or coalition to form the next government to build a progressive Malaysia.

Constitutional Supremacy: Kamarazaman says what they want to fight for can only be done if they are “friendly with the government of the day”. What if BN loses and Harapan wins in the next GE? What happens then?

The fact that you are forming a political party without a proper agenda shows you are only a one-election party to divide the votes in multiracial Malaysia. You want to support Malay supremacist parties by drawing away non-Malay votes from PKR and DAP.

Justmyview: A BN-friendly multiracial Parti Kuasa. Don’t be surprised, this party will be accepted into BN and be given MCA and MIC seats to contest in the next GE.

Probably, there are two reasons for this. Umno may not fully trust MCA and MIC, which may hop over to support Perikatan Nasional (PN).

The other reason is that Umno lacks confidence that MCA and MIC, under their current respective leaderships, will be able to win the non-Malay constituencies.

Umno cannot form a government without non-Malay support. So the losers in this new political game are most likely to be MCA and MIC.

Amadeus: Isn’t it strange that after so many years and only now, when Ismail Sabri is the prime minister, this party decides to get registered?

And why is it that the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) under Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman is still unable to get registered?

And it claims to be multiracial? Does that mean the party will champion the rights of all Malaysians?

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