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Covid-19 (Oct 13): 7,950 new cases
Published:  Oct 13, 2021 5:52 AM
Updated: 11:55 AM

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 7,950 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative infections to 2,361,529.

They were surpassed by a total of 10,832 Covid-19 patients who recovered today. This is expected to help reduce the number of active cases.

  • · Patients in ICU: 725
  • · Intubated: 380

As of today, the number of Covid-19 patients (including suspected ones) in the intensive care unit (ICU) is 14.0 percent lower compared to a week ago.

Those who require intubation have also declined by 14.0 percent from a week ago.

Beginning Oct 9, the Health Ministry will only publish today's breakdown of new cases by states after midnight on its CovidNow portal.

The breakdown by states for yesterday (Oct 12), where 7,276 new cases were reported, is as follow:

Selangor (1,302)
Kelantan (1,028)
Sarawak (834)
Sabah (707)
Johor (665)
Kedah (517)
Terengganu (420)
Penang (406)
Pahang (384)
Perak (336)
Kuala Lumpur (253)
Malacca (195)
Negeri Sembilan (138)
Perlis (57)
Putrajaya (32)
Labuan (2)

As of yesterday, the R-naught for the country is 0.88. A R-naught of less than 1.00 is good because it suggests that the spread of Covid-19 was decelerating.

The only regions where the R-naught was above 1.00 are Putrajaya, Negeri Sembilan and Perlis.

However, hospital bed use by Covid-19 patients is generally trending down over the past months, except in Sarawak. [See chart below]


To date, 762 Covid-19 clusters are still active, including 13 new clusters reported today.

The ongoing clusters have fallen by 18.2 percent from the 932 active clusters a week ago.

The 13 new clusters today comprised six workplace clusters (46.2 percent), three community clusters (23.1 percent), one private educational institution (7.7 percent), one non-education ministry institution (7.7 percent), one high-risk group cluster (7.7 percent) and one detention centre cluster (7.7 percent).

Industri Jalan Zurah Lima
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Hulu Selangor
Initial tests: 42 out of 100 infected (42.0 percent)

Industri Jalan Sembilan Olak Lempit
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Kuala Langat
Initial tests: 31 out of 65 infected (47.7 percent)

Tapak Bina Persiaran Bukit Raja 2
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Klang and Petaling
Initial tests: 28 out of 450 infected (6.2 percent)

Jalan Haji Taib Salak
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Sepang
Initial tests: 10 out of 31 infected (32.3 percent)

Industri Jalan Usaha Enam
Category: Workplace
States: Malacca
District(s): Melaka Tengah and Jasin
Initial tests: 15 out of 568 infected (2.6 percent)

Dah Putih Industri Kulim
Category: Workplace
States: Kedah
District(s): Kulim
Initial tests: 30 out of 150 infected (20.0 percent)

Category: Community
States: Sarawak
District(s): Limbang
Initial tests: 18 out of 83 infected (21.7 percent)

Category: Community
States: Sarawak
District(s): Limbang
Initial tests: 19 out of 220 infected (8.6 percent)

Bukit Damar
Category: Community
States: Pahang
District(s): Temerloh
Initial tests: 22 out of 67 infected (32.8 percent)

Dah Taman Melor
Category: Private education institution registered under the Education Ministry
States: Kedah
District(s): Kuala Muda and Kota Setar
Initial tests: 32 out of 86 infected (37.2 percent)

Persiaran Lavender Dua
Category: Non-Education Ministry institution
States: Negeri Sembilan
District(s): Seremban
Initial tests: 8 out of 35 infected (22.9 percent)

Jalan Pegawai
Category: High-risk group
States: Selangor
District(s): Sabak Bernam
Initial tests: 14 out of 132 infected (10.6 percent)

DTI Bekenu
Category: Detention Centre
States: Sarawak
District(s): Subis
Initial tests: 48 out of 48 infected (100.0 percent)

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