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Amanah machinery used Timah race-baiting to attack PAS

Controversy over local whiskey brand Timah has largely focused on claims by right-wing and conservative groups that the brand insults Islam or confuses Muslims.

However, Amanah, which is deemed a progressive Islamic party, has also perpetuated the Timah race-baiting in an effort to attack its rival PAS - a tactic the latter has caught on to.

Many of the attacks against PAS, including from Amanah's Shah Alam MP Khalid Samad, do not appear insidious as they focus on painting PAS as a hypocrite.

"The world would be upside down if this happened during Pakatan Harapan's tenure," Khalid was quoted as saying by Malaysia Dateline.

However, the Amanah machinery has not shied away from race-baiting narratives peddled by...

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