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YOURSAY | Timah controversy - PAS wages yet another culture war

YOURSAY | 'We can only hope the majority will not buy their ruse.'

COMMENT | A whiskey by any name remains whiskey

The Wakandan: Perhaps the noise made from all these (Malaysian-made whiskey) is part of the agenda in wanting to ban the sale of alcohol in the country so that they will be seen as defenders of the religion.

They hope to make enough publicity, and yes, you may call it free advertising for the product, but it nevertheless serves their purpose. If there are enough Muslims getting offended, PAS may just achieve its objective.

There is no rational argument to this issue, other than to raise religious sensitivities in order to provoke the Muslims. We can only hope the majority will not buy their ruse.

Hrrmph: There have been many criticisms of this nonsense of an issue - all of them logical, with many examples of why their position makes sense.

The ones who protested against this Timah whiskey are either dense or are purposefully playing up racial and religious sentiments. In either of these scenarios, the many logical comments are immaterial.

It is just incredibly unfortunate that many people in this country allow themselves to be easily manipulated.

EmEmKay: Diversions are an indispensable tool for politicians to distract public attention. Corruption in Malaysia has become endemic and only the opposition politicians are voicing out against it.

Instead, PAS and other so-called religious-political operatives chose to focus attention on this whiskey brand.

FairMind: To Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Idris Ahmad, Nur Sajat may need counselling.

To the rest of the world who read the New York Times, the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) needs counselling because they allegedly reasoned it was okay for pious male religious officers to grope the breast and genitals of a person whom they perceived as a male.

To opticians, some people need to have their eyesight checked – a heavily bearded man on a label can be mistaken as Fatimah, a woman. They have no problem distinguishing Nur Sajat as a man, though.

To all whiskey lovers, now you know Timah, a home-grown whiskey as good as Johnnie Walker, which actually sounds vulgar in some languages. But nobody is complaining.

OrangePanther1466: Good on you, Malaysiakini columnist R Nadeswaran. You have brightened up a dull Wednesday.

I do not think any religion promotes the consumption of alcohol. However, there are some Christians and Jews who consume wine as part of their religious rituals. If you say your religion forbids the consumption of alcohol, then don't drink it.

I Must Be Dreaming: This is like the Buddha Bar in Paris. They didn't stop at the name alone, but there are statues and images of Buddha everywhere at the place.

I asked a Buddhist what he thought of it. He told me he cannot stop others from doing what they want, but he can stop himself from reacting negatively.

Yes, it can be insulting, but then there are so many things one can be insulted by as well. So just practice selective hearing/seeing.

Boonpou: What has become of Malaysia, of course not just of late but for the past few decades? Remember when non-Muslims were barred from uttering Arabic phrases?

Can we just move on and live in the 21st century and distance ourselves from these religious bigots who apparently know nothing about Islam but who are hijacking the religion? Seriously, they are so tiring, so yesterday.

DanielC: Dear Nades, I'm a fan. Been one since way back. But what if the alcoholic drink is named Krishna or The Ashram? Or Budha (with just one "d") and with some images? Too close for comfort? Or I'm way off the mark?

Mahishasura Mardhini: @DanielC, you are way off the mark. If religion was solely dependent on or affected by names, then what about Muslims living in Christchurch, New Zealand or Maryland in the US?

No need to go so far. What about all the Muslims studying in mission schools in Malaysia with names like St George, St Micheal's, Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus?

Did their iman (faith) all shrivel up? A name is just a word until some deluded people stir up trouble.

At-Sixx: The problem is a certain group is highly sensitive about everything. They are so insecure they think everyone is out to get them and everything will shake their faith - or a lack of thereof.

They are stuck at seeing things on the surface and not any deeper. It’s a case of form over substance. They are more concerned about changing others than improving themselves.

Headhunter: There is nothing like free advertising to start the sale of a new product. If it was intentional by the company that produces it, it's nothing short of brilliant as any advertising company would tell you.

On the other hand, perhaps it was the humorous idea of someone who wanted these frogs under the coconut shell to come out and get some fresh air. It gives them a chance to take a quick glance at the new world.

MS: And then there is "arak" in Harakah - an intoxicating choice by the ragheads, so carefully concealed.

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