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Covid-19 (Oct 27): 6,148 cases, R-naught swinging up
Published:  Oct 27, 2021 6:08 AM
Updated: 10:52 AM

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 6,148 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative infections to 2,448,372.

As of yesterday, the R-naught for the country - the formula to measure how contagious Covid-19 is - has reached 0.91, up from 0.86 on Oct 21.

However, as long as the R-naught remains less than 1.00, the figure suggests that the spread of Covid-19 was decelerating.

Notably, Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan have recorded a R-naught of slightly above 1.00.

Nationally, the number of hospital admissions in the last seven days have declined by 21.3 percent compared to the preceding week.

However, hospital admissions in some states are on the rise, particularly in Terengganu (+36 percent) according to the CovidNow website.

Beginning Oct 9, the Health Ministry will only publish today's breakdown of new cases by states after midnight on its CovidNow portal.

The breakdown by states for yesterday (Oct 26), where 5,726 new cases were reported, is as follow:

Selangor (929)
Sarawak (713)
Kelantan (685)
Sabah (565)
Johor (488)
Penang (378)
Kedah (346)
Kuala Lumpur (339)
Terengganu (292)
Perak (257)
Malacca (253)
Pahang (219)
Negeri Sembilan (199)
Putrajaya (37)
Perlis (23)
Labuan (3)

The Health Ministry today announced that there are 563 Covid-19 patients (both confirmed and suspected) receiving intensive care, of which 292 need ventilators.

As of today, the number of Covid-19 patients in the intensive care are15.5 percent lower compared to a week ago.

Those who require intubation have also declined by 11.2 percent from a week ago.


The Health Ministry is currently monitoring 494 active Covid-19 clusters, down 19.5 percent compared to a week ago. 

Another 9 new clusters were announced today: 

Jalan Tasik Selatan Tiga
Category: Workplace
States: Kuala Lumpur
District(s): Cheras
Initial tests: 7 out of 32 infected (21.9 percent)

Persiaran Bukit Kiara
Category: Workplace
States: Kuala Lumpur
District(s): Kepong and Lembah Pantai
Initial tests: 5 out of 100 infected (5.0 percent)

Jalan Raja Muda
Category: Workplace
States: Kuala Lumpur
District(s): Titiwangsa and Cheras
Initial tests: 10 out of 26 infected (38.5 percent)

Industri Persiaran Kemajuan
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Hulu Langat, Sepang, Kuala Langat, and Petaling
Initial tests: 80 out of 223 infected (35.9 percent)

Industri Dua Jalan Sepuluh MIEL
Category: Workplace
States: Selangor
District(s): Hulu Langat and Sepang
Initial tests: 17 out of 34 infected (50.0 percent)

Dah Batu 8
Category: Workplace
States: Kedah
District(s): Kuala Muda and Yan
Initial tests: 65 out of 145 infected (44.8 percent)

Jalan Danau Saujana
Category: Non-Education Ministry institution
States: Kuala Lumpur
District(s): Titiwangsa
Initial tests: 7 out of 46 infected (15.2 percent)

Jalan Besar Tanjung
Category: High-risk group
States: Perak
District(s): Kinta and Kuala Kangsar
Initial tests: 24 out of 82 infected (29.3 percent)

Jalan Kuari
Category: Community
States: Kelantan
District(s): Kota Bharu and Bachok
Initial tests: 12 out of 15 infected (80.0 percent)

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