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Perhaps its time to pack our bags

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The unsettling events happening in Malaysia, both in and out of the Umno AGM, have sent the message to every non-Malay that the leaders of this country will not protect you and your family.

On Umno delegate: Don't provoke us

Ayuen: If you have ever considered leaving the country for greener pastures, now is best to pack your bags.

The unsettling events happening in Malaysia, both in and out of the Umno AGM, have sent the message to every non-Malay that the leaders of this country will not protect you and your family.

I am not against the NEP. Any social imbalance should be addressed to preserve national harmony. Even the most capitalist countries have laws to manage social imbalances, whether the imbalances are related to races, gender or physically challenged. Nor am I pro- or anti-Article 11.

No, the unsettling events I refer to are the remarks made by the Malay leaders.

Several delegates have called for war against non-Malay agendas, claiming that they are ready to "bathe in blood" to protect their rights and that "the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins". They warn the other races not to question the Malay rights and warn their own BN counterparts not to interfere with their special privileges.

Groups of Muslims gather in force to surround a church on mere speculation and rumours. They also protest violently when Article 11 groups gather peacefully.

Certainly such actions have gone out of control. While the PM has asked for delegates to avoid racially sensitive statements, it's all fluff as no one has enforced this rule. And no one, not a single one, has asked for internal reexamination and asked for closer dialogue to foster better relations. No one has attempted to reconcile and speak about the virtues of our multi-racial nation.

In this respect, I believe that Dr Mahathir is a better leader. Never mind free speech. In the wrong hands, free speech incites hatred, violence and war. Pak Lah, by allowing greater freedom of speech, has allowed a divide between the Malays and other races never seen in Dr M's days. Even his son-in-law is party to it.

And like many non-bumiputra Malaysians, I am weighing my options. Will this country stand up against us, and should we, for our family's sake, find our way to be nationals of other countries? While many say that we will be second-class citizens, at least we are certain that with hard work and an ounce of effort to assimilate, our future generations will become accepted as part of their society.

Malaysian for Peace: It is completely unnecessary and provocative for certain Umno Youth leaders and representatives to issue warnings to non-Malays. These warnings serve to divide our nation further. Is there really a need to go war-mongering?

Consider these statements - 'this is a warning from the youth movement', 'my speech is to warn not only those outside but also to remind ourselves that matters relating to religion and peace are not to be messed about with', 'the blood of Malay warriors will run in our veins', 'Umno is willing to risk lives and bathe in blood in defence of race and religion. Don't play with fire. If they mess with our rights, we will mess with theirs', 'Umno faces challenges from threats from overseas' or 'don't test the Malays; they know 'amok'. We don't want to reach that level'.

Since when did self-inflicted civil war, or war in general - which brings forth destruction, lives lost and vanquished opportunities, be it economic, political or social - ever benefit a country?

One shudders to think about the future direction of Malaysia given the apparent battle-ready, but not war-tested, much less war-hardened mindframe of these Umno delegates. Is there anything for any ethnicity to be proud about when one boasts about the efficiencies of his ethnicity in running amok simply because his ethnicity knows how to do so? Surely, the advancement of anyone's race involves higher achievements like skilled entrepreneurship, competitiveness in the global stage rather than mere capabilities in running amok.

We should be talking about advancing innovations and technology. Our prime minister has frowned about Malaysia's first class state-of-the-art equipment and buildings, but third class mentality of some of its people.

Let us show fellow Malaysians and the rest of the world that we are and could be a civilised peace-loving nation, instead of one that indulges in mentally-created imaginary enemies.

On 'Umno willing to bathe in blood'

Adha: Probably this is their version of 'Islam Hadhari'.

MSY: Statements like these are usually considered inciteful and dangerous because they can cause racial tensions. Under normal circumstance, statements like these will be considered seditious. If they were uttered by any other person, a report will be lodged and within 24 hours we have the police closing in and the person charged with sedition. Why is it that there is such immunity in the Putra World Trade Centre for Umno delegates who utter such seditious words?

We as non-malay Malaysians (kaum pendatang) understand the rhetoric and show that go on in the Umno general assembly. It is the normal arrogance that we see year in and year out - very different rhetoric when it comes to the general election. However, these delegates have succeeded in painting a picture of a racially segregated and tensed Malaysia to foreigners. When foreigners watch this, what do you think will be their impression? In many countries, such rhetoric is considered bigotry and racist.

On Khairy: Penang CM gets 'clear message'

YSM: The Umno delegates and Pak Lah are speaking different languages. There is no unity in the party. There are many who play the racial card and again provoke the non-Malays. Pak Lah has warn the speakers against making racial remarks but even his own son-in-law has not abide by it.

I think Pak Lah should quit and move to a party that better fits his principles and conviction. Samy Vellu and Lim Keng Yaik and other BN leaders should leave the BN. It's time they truly stand up for what is right.

Just A Normal Citizen: I am of the opinion that Umno and their leaders particularly Youth chief and deputy Hishammuddin and Khairy should be very grateful to the non-Malay/non-Muslim population of this country. You see these unscrupulous and inexperienced politicians bashing non-Malays/non-Muslims to gain points with their Malay voters.

Without us, I am afraid they would be bankrupt of ideas to stay in power. Hishammuddin is a disgrace to the legacy of his grandfather and father. As for Khairy, I think he will be history after Pak Lah.

Chong: Those who complained about the setback of the Malays, frankly they only have Umno to blame. It's not the other races who have held them back, it's the Umno leaders who drives million ringgit Mercedes and live in the multi-million ringgit mansions.

On NEP forever and beyond 30%

Lee: It is true, reforms take time. Therefore, how long will it take to mould the country into a Malaysian race? 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 35, 40, 50 years or no time frame?

The ex-PM during his 22 years talked about Bangsa Malaysia but today the Umno leadership is talking about Malay agenda. People who are not secured and do not have the leadership skills to lead the country will threaten others with 'you cannot discuss this and that because you will disrupt the harmony of the races'. Why? Because these people do not have the intellectual capability to engage in open debates/discussions. Because they are in power and they want power.

On No quorum, Parliament adjourns

TC: It is entirely understandable that Parliament should adjourn during the Umno assembly. After all, Umno members of parliament are not paid by taxpayers nor are they elected to represent their entire constituencies.

For opposition parties to suggest that Umno members should be in Parliament to deal with running the country instead of attending an assembly thus far dedicated to the enhancement of only one racial group is somewhat unfair.

All groups, especially the opposition, must be very careful not to disturb the sensitive and delicate balance of Malaysian politics and not even suggest that party, personal and racial politics be overshadowed by with a member of parliament undertaking his foresworn duty in "faithfully discharging his duties as such to the best of his ability, (and) that he will bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect and defend its Constitution."

On Analyst charged with abetting murder

Ahmad Fuad: Abdul Razak and the two others accused in the crime must be given all opportunities to prove that they are innocent.

I am glad to note that there has been a definite improvement in professionalism on the part of the police and the AG's Chambers. At least the charge said the time of the alleged murder as "...between 10pm Oct 19 to 1am Oct 20" - a period of about three hours. I know of one case where the alleged offence was committed over a period of three months from Jan 1 to March 31!

I pray that the final player in the saga, i.e. the judiciary, will now proceed to lay the entire burden of proof on to the prosecution as any natural justice would demand.

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