Covid-19 (Nov 24): 5,755 cases, uptick in Penang hospitalisation
Published:  Nov 24, 2021 7:07 AM
Updated: 11:06 AM

COVID-19 | The Health Ministry reported 5,755 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative infections to 2,602,835.

Nationally, the number of hospital admissions in the last seven days has declined by 3.2 percent compared to the preceding week.

However, hospital admissions in some states are on the rise, particularly in Penang (+37.6 percent), Pahang (+24.2 percent) and Kelantan (+10.4 percent) during the same period.

Average daily hospital admission for Covid-19 patients in Penang has been steadily rising since Nov 11. However, the utilisation of beds dedicated for Covid-19 patients is still low at 32 percent.

In contrast, hospital bed utilisation for Covid-19 patients is near 90 percent in Terengganu and Kelantan.

The R-naught for yesterday has not been made available by the Health Ministry at the time of writing.

The breakdown for new cases according to states or territories will only be available after midnight. These are yesterday's (Nov 23) figures:

Selangor (1,397)
Kelantan (640)
Johor (569)
Sabah (526)
Kedah (471)
Kuala Lumpur (419)
Pahang (278)
Penang (262)
Sarawak (239)
Perak (226)
Terengganu (207)
Negeri Sembilan (139)
Malacca (112)
Putrajaya (71)
Perlis (31)
Labuan (7)

The number of patients requiring intensive care has continued to trend downwards.

As of today, there were 506 patients in intensive care of which 270 require a ventilator to breath.


The Health Ministry is currently monitoring 234 Covid-19 clusters. The number of active Covid-19 clusters have dropped 5.3 percent since last week.

Another eight new Covid-19 clusters were classified today. The Health Ministry did not provide details.

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