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Flood victims resort to paying for waste disposal, lack clean water

Although floodwaters from last weekend’s torrential downpour have mostly subsided, residents in Bentong and Karak in Pahang are still facing many hurdles to rebuild their lives.

Of these, the most significant challenge proved to be the disposing of damaged goods and debris, as well as cleaning their homes of mud and sediment, made more difficult by a lack of clean water.

Elected representatives have pleaded with local governments and district offices to help expedite the clean-up, only to be told they were unable to do so due to a shortage of manpower.

When Malaysiakini visited the area on Wednesday (Dec 22), garbage was seen piled up on roads in front of the flood victims’ houses, which could pose a health risk.

Due to a lack of assistance from the Bentong Municipal Council, some flood victims have resorted to...

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