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Equity methodology: Dont take us for a ride
Published:  Dec 4, 2006 2:05 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Thinking that the public is ignorant or stupid, the deputy finance minister claimed that the data were obtained on the methodology as advised by the World Bank.

On World Bank denies, Awang Adek 'forgets'

Peter Ooi: The fact is out - the World Bank is not involved in advising the government on the methodology for computing the country's equity ownership by using par value.

What is sickening in the whole issue to me is that Deputy Finance Minister Dr Awang Adek Hussin was trying to take us for a ride. Thinking that the public is ignorant or stupid, he claimed that the data were obtained on the methodology as advised by the World Bank.

But with the World Bank coming out with such denial, the joke is on the minister himself. I believe that he is truly one of the 'half-past-six' ministers whom the public have come to know.

On Altantuya murder raises three questions

Anonymous: This is a high-profile case that is of great public interest. The police, the AG's Chambers and the government must answer Dr Syed Husin Ali's questions and reassure the public concerning some other questions in the case that have arisen, especially because some of these questions will never be raised in court.

Why was the policewoman, who was also arrested, later released? The press clearly reported that her car was used at some point in this case. Why was she not charged at least with aiding and abetting in the abduction of Altantuya? The policewoman was known to be on the escort detail for another VVIP's wife.

A few years ago, there was another high-profile murder involving VIPs. A young woman was murdered by hired killers and like Altantuya, her body was also disposed in a horrible manner. The hired killers were sent to prison but the person who hired them was never arrested or brought to trial.

The Norita Shamsudin murder case was even more ridiculous. The AG's Chambers knew that they never had a case against Hanif Basree. The evidence was so flimsy that the court had no choice but to acquit Hanif without even his defence being called. But this allowed the real murderer to get away. Norita had many VIP friends. According to trial testimony, the crime scene in her apartment was tampered with by two police personnel who were never subpoenaed by the prosecutor to appear in court. Why?

Similarly the withdrawal of the sodomy charges against Sukma Dermawan by the AG's Chambers recently has saved a lot of people a lot of embarrassment. The public have to know why such high-profile cases get killed so easily?

It looks like the police have not yet repaired their badly tarnished reputation. Having police personnel available to commit crimes is bad enough. The police and the AG's Chambers must avoid cowardice while on the job.

On No to live parliament broadcasts

Le Geeque: "The time has not come for RTM to telecast the parliamentary proceedings live because our society has not attained a mental maturity where it is insensitive to racial issues," Bernama quoted Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin as saying.

I think it's our politicians who have yet to attain that so-called level of mental maturity. Note that it's politicians and politicians alone (namely Umnoputras) and not the general public who have been coming up with racial slurs. Who gave them the right to say we are immature when they are in no better position than we are? In fact, I dare say many of the general public with less education and less fancy degrees than our Umnoputras are definitely more mature.

If they've got nothing to hide, why the fear? It's simply a case of do-what-I-say-don't-do-what-I-do when it comes to making racist comments.

On Fiery speeches: 'Stern warning' for Umno three

Jude: Let me offer a suggestion to the dear Mr Education Minister. At next year's Umno general assembly, leave the keris at home and brandish a 'crutch' instead. This will probably be closer to the truth.

You may be able to fool some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time.

A Malaysian: It is time to finally put an end to the component parties within Barisan Nasional being treated with disdain and disrespect by an ever-increasingly arrogant Umno and Umno Youth.

If the leaders of the BN component parties still do not see it fit to leave BN and to discontinue delivering votes to BN, then individual members of all these parties (who can still hear their conscience prompting them above the noise of this world) should now leave these parties to register with an opposition party.

Good Malaysians cannot afford to remain indifferent, to "leave politics to the politicians" any longer. Every vote counts, so every good Malaysian must register with an opposition party now! This is the right time too for DAP to beef up its party's membership, and to prepare to field candidates in as many constituencies as possible in the very next general election.

We all owe it to our children, to restore justice and sanity to this beautiful and blessed land of ours which they stand to inherit.

On Increase in toll charges 'bodoh'

Shankar Narayanan: If Malaysian are really angry over the increase, don't drive on these toll ways at least for a week. Endure the difficulty. See what happens. But can Malaysians really pull it off?