Naive to slam Dr M of smashing KJs rice bowl
Published:  Dec 14, 2006 3:26 AM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

It is not only Mahathir who accused Pak Lah of nepotism in the whole ECM Libra Avenue affair. Practically all right-thinking Malaysians share the same perception, says a reader.

On 'The old man smashed Khairy's pot of rice'

Peter: I believe Pak Lah is too naive to accuse Tun Dr Mahathir of smashing Khairy's rice bowl. It is not only Tun who accused him of nepotism in the whole ECM Libra Avenue affair. Practically all right-thinking Malaysians share the same perception.

Tell me whether it is by coincidence that Khairy could have bought into a public-listed company which is about to be merged with a government-owned financial services company, Avenue Capital Resources Berhad.

There are about 1,500 listed company (my estimates) and the probability of picking the company that is about to merge is 1 in 1,500, or approximately 0.07%. Could any Joe Public got the company right on his first foray into the capital market?

And on top of that, can any Tom, Dick and Harry obtain such huge amount of loan with so much ease? Even though he might be offer such a multi-million ringgit loan, I really doubt there won't be any strings attached.

My advice to you, Pak Lah, is to talk less and do more. You are exposing your folly more and more whenever you talk.

On Genting wins S'pore second casino licence

RS: Since the Singaporean government has awarded a very lucrative casino project to a Malaysian company, the Malaysian government should reciprocate and allow greater participation of Singaporean investors in the South Johor Economic Project.

Whatever the Singaporeans touch in Malaysia turns into gold. For example, the Sunway Pyramid shopping complex and the One Utama shopping complex projects are very lucrative today - these projects have Singaporean backers.

Let's say everyone thinks South Johor can do very well economically and out of greed refuse to share the pie with Singaporeans and other investors, it may end up in the project not doing very well. Ironic, eh?

We need restrictions to be lifted and allow liberal policies in developing South Johor - only then will the project do well. Otherwise, the government will have to foot the bill and the project will be lackluster for many years to come.

On RM600m 'bonus' - genuine Class F contractors please

Thong: This is yet another "ugliness" of our government. Or should I say that this is a plan to win people's heart before the election?

These projects will be awarded to selected people, who need not be hardworking. Money will be given no matter what the result will be. This is to show that creativity and hard work do not apply in Malaysia.

The government talked about fairness but this is a clear example of goodies being given to the chosen ones. And of course, this is a sensitive issue - it's better to keep our month shut, otherwise we may end up in the ISA camp.

On No money, no talk - Chinese national deported

Kisin: US$1,500 cash in hand for a three-month-stay? That is absolutely ridiculous. Have they not heard of credit cards or ATM cards? Furthermore, that amount is also more than what many Malaysians earn!

In the first place, since the victim has already been granted a multiple-entry visa by the Malaysian embassy in China, does this not mean that the embassy has deemed her financially capable? Why then does the immigration need to be shown 'more proof'?

Just because some Chinese nationals misuse their tourist visa, this does not justify action against the innocent majority based on this mere stereotype. Does the Immigration Department not realise the negative impact this will have on the tourism industry?

On Bar elections: Lawyer's pre-emptive strike

Public Interest: Whenever there are issues with the Bar Council conduct or decision, there is never a dearth of lawyers taking the council to court for various reasons, including upholding integrity and justice.

That's why I always wonder where these public do-gooders are when it comes to championing public causes.

Where are they when it comes to initiating court actions for the same reasons to champion the cause of the small man?

Makes one wonder, doesn't it?

On Altantuya murder: Mongolian MPs weigh in

Ah Chong: Malaysians' close-one-eye culture is going to take this country down. When an MP asks a civil servant to close one eye, when a murder suspect is allowed bail because of his position, when a deputy prime minister can be beaten up, when a group of rogue soldiers can steal arms from an army barrack, when government explosives can be used to blow up a foreign woman we know there has been many eyes closed and this culture is going to kill Malaysia.

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