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COMMENT | The change Muda makes must transcend all demographics

COMMENT | Muda is that new party that everyone was and is talking about. I am excited about Muda and its entry into the Malaysian political scene. Their disruptive attitude is exactly what we need for a shift in how politics works in Malaysia. Fresh ideas and new methods will also be able to pull in new voters.

In line with the implementation of Undi18, there has been a surge in new voters between the ages of 18 and 21. This isn’t a group that will be enticed by the old style of politicking, governance and persuasion. This group isn’t going to be starstruck by politicians and kowtow to them because they know full well that they serve the rakyat.

The boomers criticising Muda and their candidates saying that they lack experience and not doing things the way they should be done do not understand the change and transition that is happening. The old guard will slowly become irrelevant as the new guard begins their takeover. Viva la revolution!

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