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YOURSAY | MCA bending over backwards to work with PAS

YOURSAY | ‘Saying PAS respects the Federal Constitution is oxymoronic.’

Ti: MCA to work with PAS as long as it respects Federal Constitution

Howard Lee hits out at MCA for 'glorifying an extremist party'

Dr Raman Letchumanan: “MCA to work with PAS as long as it respects Federal Constitution.”

Isn’t this an oxymoronic statement from MCA vice-president Ti Lian Ker? Or has MCA just woken up from a deep slumber the last 60 years? In any case, why is this olive branch being offered at this time?

PAS has made it clear it is against our secular Federal Constitution. It wants to turn Malaysia into an Islamic state. The party wants syariah laws to reign supreme over civil laws, if any civil laws are even allowed. See how they celebrate the Taliban return to power in Afghanistan, touting it as a model for Malaysia?

MCA has been a cabinet partner alongside PAS in the federal government since March 2020 and as a coalition partner of PN and BN. Haven’t you seen how PAS has been flexing its Islamic muscles in the administration?

Give them one more term in power, their mission would be accomplished. MCA may even have to change its name. The term ‘Chinese’ will become anathema in Islam, denoting everything haram and a curse.

The latest salvo was openly challenging the Federal Constitution on the unilateral conversion of minors to Islam. It issues a warning to the courts, even before the case is heard by the judiciary. So not only the Federal Constitution, even our judiciary is challenged. They clearly want the matter to be dealt with by the Syariah Court.

The only thing I guess you find good in PAS is that corruption is deemed halal. So, are you salivating to continue to fleece the people’s money? But be careful, as everything is double standard. For non-Muslims, hudud will be strictly applied on corrupters.

So, please spare us the agony, and go back to sleep. Hopefully never to wake up again.

I Am A Malaysian: Ti cannot pretend to not know that PAS is openly pushing its Islamic agenda and will disregard and change anything in the Federal Constitution that hinders its religious goals.

For a short time, under leadership of the late Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, PAS demonstrated a degree of palpable amiableness to other Malaysians of different races and religions. But after that, the hardliners under current PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang immediately showed their true colours.

Perhaps like PAS, MCA is also trying hard to crawl back up the ladder of political relevance and power.

Nasi Goreng Kampong: Indeed, the PAS leadership had made their stance on unilateral conversion of minors very clear on many occasions. They somehow think state laws trump the Federal Court's rulings.

PAS does not respect the Federal Constitution. Just look at what Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (Religious Affairs) Idris Ahmad said on the unilateral conversion issue: “The 2018 Federal Court ruling in M Indra Gandhi’s case was merely an ‘interpretation’ of the Constitution.”

Don’t the MCA leadership, ministers and deputy ministers read the news?

Vijay47: Ti, not that your image is of any value to you, but do you realise how pathetic you sound? You remind us of vagrants at street corners, hands outstretched, seeking alms from your masters.

These last few weeks we enjoyed some respite when you held your tongue and hid your face - alas, only to return now and inflict us with further displays of your sycophancy.

You proudly wave the term “Federal Constitution”, believing that it somehow endows on you a stature of dignified statesmanship.

Tell me, Ti, when did you last encounter in local waters the national blessings embedded in “Federal Constitution”? When Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob embarked on his voyage of the mythical ‘Malaysian Family’ which surprisingly seems to consist of one particular community only? When that same community enjoys close to RM7 billion in largesse while others have to scramble for crumbs?

You bend backwards to accommodate PAS and its “devotion” to the Federal Constitution.

When did they last give form to this reality you hold in such high esteem? When non-Muslims are threatened on an almost daily basis and that any desire for justice and fairness is a challenge to the Federal Constitution as that gang of ignorant fanatics perceive it?

Give me a single instance when PAS stood up for the letter and spirit of the Constitution.

Yet, dig deep enough and you might find justification for fraternity with that horde of extremists. But like the Kedah menteri besar might say, don’t bet on it.

Perhaps the respect that PAS holds for the Constitution is evident in its continued abuse, warning, and harassment of a poor woman who simply wants to be just left alone to be a mother. Including, for good measure, the judiciary.

Or maybe you refer to the fact that not a single enforcement agency has awoken to act on those who incite religious violence and bloodshed.

Is all this buried somewhere within the Federal Constitution?

BobbyO: Willing to work with PAS? Has Ti forgotten that when Umno was in partnership with PAS under the Muafakat Nasional arrangement, MCA was cast aside in all their decision-making?

MCA was pushed to a level below the lslamist party, even though they were one of Malaysia’s founding partners. So please do not wish for something that you will regret later.

As for PAS, it will never change as long as Hadi leads the party. He, like former prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, is using the ummah or Malays to further his personal agenda as well as that of his party.

PAS intends to replace BN or Bersatu one day as the main party in the government administration. PAS intends to use any party to reach its goals. As you can see, now they are reaching out to Mahathir.

Their relationship has never been sincere and will never be. They are opportunists. If MCA wants to be cast aside, then they can continue to wish for PAS to be one of their partners in crime.

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