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COMMENT | Basikal lajak - whose fault is it?

COMMENT | Everyone is weighing in on the issue of basikal lajak now. Everyone is claiming to be an expert on the ‘sport’.

Sure, if you know the goings-on of how these young teenagers ride their modified bikes, then great.

When it comes to the recent case where a driver was found guilty and sentenced to six years in prison for killing six teens on basikal lajak, everyone weighs in on whether it is her fault, the teens’ faults or the parents’ fault.

Well, looks like I’ll be jumping on the bandwagon too and giving my two cents worth. But, I don’t want to be caught for insulting the judicial system or found to be in contempt of the court.

So, I’ll take the approach of saying that the entire thing is all the result of the socio-economic problem of our country, more specifically, the lack of social and economic equality among Malaysians...

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