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Haris is always Malaysian first, no thought of selling out

To those who followed Malaysia’s political awakening that was triggered by Reformasi in 1998 and snowballed thereafter into Bersih and the 2008 'tsunami', the name Haris Ibrahim needs no introduction.

In the fledgling days of online portals like Malaysiakini, political blogging and social media apps like Twitter, his was one of the voices that articulated the frustrations that many Malaysians had felt as they lived their lives in silent desperation under the yoke of a repressive, racist and corrupt system.

Now more than two decades on, Haris has a very different fight on his hands. Around the time he turned 63 on April 4, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer.

Haris’ family and friends have carried out some fundraising to help with medical treatment costs, but there remains the sobering diagnosis that he might only have as little as three months to live.

When Malaysiakini caught up with Haris last week, he had just begun treatment and was optimistic about the challenges that lie ahead and exuberant over the battles of the past.

“There was nothing quite as euphoric as the late night of...

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