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YOURSAY | Returning to the dark days of 1MDB

YOURSAY | ‘Many have said that the whole country is rotten to the core and how right they are.’

COMMENT | Serba Dinamik case shows AG’s discretion should be limited

COMMENT | Investors' interests should be above directors' interests

BobbyO: What happens when you do your duty like the sincere, honest personnel of the Securities Commission (SC)?

They are pressured into retiring early, or they retire on their own, because they do not want to compromise their principles. What about the attorney-general (AG), police and the MACC? Do they have any principles?

What faith will local and foreign investors have in investing in our public-listed companies when those allegedly guilty of falsely submitting company accounts are given a slap on the wrist?

GanMu: Under this Umno/PN government, mudslinging, vicious comments and unsubstantiated reports against those who uphold the law, including the judiciary and SC, have become the norm.

The AG retracting his decision to charge the directors was unheard of during Pakatan Harapan's rule. One wonders why the AG had to meet with the company's lawyers and its representatives after having consented to charge the directors.

The SC, after a thorough investigation, had arrived at its decision. What defence can the company's lawyers provide?

Good corporate governance and ethics dictate that AG should have acted above board, honoured his word and proceeded with legal action, thereby allowing the company's lawyers to defend their client in court.

The current trend is frightening indeed. The recalcitrant directors, having paid the fine, are free to commence another round of alleged "hoodwinking" of the investors. This is a stark reminder to Malaysians that we are going back to the 1MDB days.

Headhunter: Many have said that the whole country is rotten to the core and how right they are. No single public institution is not compromised by those who run them, it seems.

Indeed, it doesn't take rocket science for one to conclude that something the likes of 1MDB is evolving here.

When something rotten like this happens, you would think that the authorities would climb over each other with guns blazing to go after the wrongdoers, but the opposite is true.

Instead, you see principled men forced to resign, and Umno politicians put into place to replace them.

This is a god-sent opportunity for the opposition to showcase their fight for a clean government, but they remain as quiet as a mouse.

Are they also compromised by the MOU (memorandum of understanding) with the government? As for the current government, one wonders if anybody is in charge of the country at all.

Federal Bakery: Yes, those with prosecutorial and investigative powers are applying their discretion to undermine the law and intimidate watchdog institutions and individuals.

Not satisfied with the control of the government, these shadowy figures are now controlling the enforcement agencies that are independent of the government.

MS: It is not without "motive aforethought" that the AG acts as the ultimate, tailor-made bottleneck through which any clear-cut case for prosecution must pass.

It is to enable fraudsters, money launderers and other varieties of white-collar criminals to either get away scot-free or with a gentle rap on the knuckles only because they are the financial backers of the very politicians paid to guard the reputation of the country - a reputation now in tatters.

This latest outrage comes in the wake of many other DNAAs (discharged not amounting to acquittal) and "prosecution has withdrawn" cases which have become normalised since 2018 - such that Malaysians are expected to live with, like the Covid virus now endemic in the population.

Mat M Din: After a staggering period of 60 years, a period of gross inefficiency, it is enough that the affirmative practice of appointing officials to fill important roles in important institutions based on race and religion be abruptly stopped.

An exclusive pool to draw talents based on race and religion is too narrow a source and has a limit, especially if it is confined to only one race. It is not that the Malays have no special talents.

To raise the level of efficiency in all sectors, Malaysia has no other option except to enforce the practice of filling all important posts in government institutions based on merits.

The Malays have to compete on merits and those who are successful will emerge honourable and well respected. Then the Malays will stand tall and proud and not despised.

Just A Malaysian: The NEP (New Economic Policy) was supposed to develop a class of hardworking Malay professionals embedded with good values of honesty and integrity.

But like all shortcuts, NEP does allow the Malay community to grow and developed at a decent pace. Many were pulled and yanked into high positions beyond their intellectual and moral capabilities.

The flaws are begging to show in all fields. But the addiction to an easy life and easy path is hard to wean. So, they continue to cry for more and more. Listen to young aspiring politicians. They are asking for more.

Mr Wilson: I am a Malay. The problem of these Malays is that they thought they can cheat all Malaysians (Malays included) under the pretext of helping the Malays. We saw this in 1MDB.

If all Malays start to think a thief is still a thief regardless of whether you steal 10 sen or RM10, then Malaysia will be a better place for our children and grandchildren.

Aisyalam: They can cheat. They can lie. They can even imply racism, which does nothing good for them.

Compounding these charges does not commensurate with the crime.

For all these to happen when we have all the necessary laws, institutions and personalities to investigate, enforce and prosecute just says a lot about where the hidden hands are.

This is what they mean by they still require “protection”.

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