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Rashid Salleh comes full circle with Iban sitcom Tembawai Kanyuk
MALAYSIANSKINI | With his signature broad smile and boyish handsome looks, Sarawak-born Rashid Salleh was perfectly cast as sweet-natured Joe in the ground-breaking English-language sitcom “Kopitiam” (1998-2003).
The series broke through barriers, attracted a diverse audience, and launched the careers of many of its stars, including Rashid, Douglas Lim, Joanna Bessey, and Lina Teoh.
It remains the yardstick for all locally produced sitcoms that come after to be measured against.
Rashid’s talent has led to roles in drama series such as “I-Tanggang: Mother of All Lies” and films such as “The Big Durian”, “Waris Jari Hantu”, and “Sangkar”.
He was a sportscaster for ESPN’s SportsCenter Asia and a sought-after emcee at corporate functions.
These days, he is busy as the chief executive officer of Toucan Media, a company that produces content for TV and social media.
In a way, Rashid has come full circle career-wise. He has directed the first-ever Iban-language sitcom "Tembawai Kanyuk", a series that will break down barriers by putting the spotlight on one of the largest communities in Sarawak.
“The experience with ‘Kopitiam’ was unique in every sense which...
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