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Halal hemp: Tengku Chanela leads the way for marijuana reforms

MALAYSIANSKINI | A few days ago, a 78-year-old retired ambassador and his son were arrested as more than 100 marijuana plants were found growing around their house in Janda Baik, Pahang.
The former diplomat was detained during a raid at his house last Saturday, while his 53-year-old son was detained in Shah Alam on Monday.
Earlier in the year, singer Yasin Sulaiman was charged with trafficking cannabis, an offence that carries the mandatory death penalty if found guilty.
Yasin’s family is seeking the Prisons Department's permission to allow the artiste, who suffers from chronic bipolar disorder, access to psychiatric specialists because he is in prison on a non-bailable offence.
Six months ago, a marijuana smoker who was a resident of a drug rehabilitation centre in Kubang Pasu, Kedah, succumbed to injuries after a warden foiled his escape attempt and allegedly beat him to death.
While most of the world is moving forward, Malaysia is going in circles...

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