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YOURSAY | The drain in Malaysia's brains

YOURSAY | 'The trajectory the country is on is irreversible.'

COMMENT | Malaysian brain drain - don’t go chasing waterfalls

MS: Like most people in my situation would confirm, leaving the country was a bittersweet experience for reasons which are too numerous to enumerate.

Suffice it to say, the push was greater than the pull at that point in time. Now, however, after all the water that has run under the bridge, I view the place I left behind as an anachronism, a curiosity to be watched with a zoo-like intensity, a circus which entertains and helps pass the time.

Would I return? Yes, because the place does offer value for money for shopping and holidays, especially now that the exchange rates are so favourable to visitors.

Seriously, the trajectory the country is on is irreversible, and articles like this only reassure those who left that they did right.

Boaty McBoatface: Why would I want to stay here?

1. Failure to sign Icerd (the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination), which is to eliminate all forms of racism.

Since our government didn't sign it after they (the entitled class) took to the streets, it goes to show that they want to maintain at least some form of racism.

2. If I'm driving on a poorly lit road at 3am and a bunch of kids are riding their special bikes, I'm concerned I might go to jail. I mean, if I'm a pilot and hit a bunch of kids playing in the middle of the runway at 3am, is it my fault?

3. Often, I'm told (directly or indirectly) by "them" that if I'm not happy, then I should leave. After all, I'm a ‘pendatang’ (immigrant).

4. Every day, I see my rights slowly being eroded. I might start my own business, be successful and then overnight be told that I have to give up 51 percent of my company to "them".

So, tell me again, why would I want to stay here?

I_Am_Penang_Kia: Yesterday, Malaysia just reported the government is in talks with Japan to "export" skilled workers, and Human Resources Minister M Saravanan said a memorandum of cooperation on the sending of Malaysian workers in certain sectors to work in Japan would be finalised by both countries.

It was reported that these workers would bring back the knowledge and experience after their stint overseas.

However, if the government ever gave it a thought, they would ask why these workers are willing to leave the comfort of their homes and family to work overseas in the first place.

And what makes the government think that these workers will come back eventually and not decide to stay there permanently?

Unless our education, employment and political situation improve or change drastically, this "brain drain" phenomenon will not stop.

IndigoKancil5615: EMIR Research’s Rais Hussin, isn't it hypocritical that you, being a supreme council member of Bersatu, are commenting on brain drain.

Since when did Bersatu, or you for that matter, speak out against racism, which is the core reason that Malaysia's best and brightest talents leave our shores? Did you voice out the lopsided Budget that heavily favoured the preferred race?

As long as Malay supremacists reign supreme in Tanah Melayu, led by your godfather Dr Mahathir Mohamad, the brain drain will not stop.

By the way, TalentCorp should be more appropriately rebranded as "TalentCorpse".

FlabberPro: This is a very important piece of research work done by Emir Research, and it is indeed a cause for alarm. However, present this to the government, and all we get is a lackadaisical attitude.

They do not seem to care much that we are left behind, so long as the ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) cause prevails. If, by a sheer miracle, Malaysia becomes a meritocracy, the hardcore Malays will scream "kami ditindas" by an invisible, unknown enemy.

If it was visible, they would blame it on the DAP. This has been the narrative for the past many years and very likely would be the narrative for years to come.

MarioT: The grass on the other side is always seen to be greener.

Today, there are a lot of uncertainties and unrest in many parts of the Western world. And normally, the anger and resentment are targeted at the Asians who are seen to be more educated and skilled.

Thus, it may appear like getting out of the frying pan into the fire. Therefore, I think it is safer to stay with the devil you know, rather than trust the angel you do not know.

Fake Liberals: Absolute rubbish, MarioT. Even if there are isolated incidents, there are at least hate crime laws to take action against perpetrators in the West.

Even Singapore recently enacted some racial harmony laws after the incident of a multiracial couple being harassed. I can't say the same when a non-Malay is mistreated here.

SayNoToFrogs: It is very simple, actually. Malaysia is a beautiful and blessed country. It is just very badly managed.

If you put a monkey to drive a Ferrari, it will definitely end up crashing the car. Never mind the Ferrari. Even a Proton will be crashed. We need better leaders, period.

Every person in Malaysia, bumiputra or not, must be given the opportunity to excel in their chosen field. Denying them or putting obstacles in front of them will encourage them to leave.

Hrrmph: And what is the government doing about this? Worse than nothing.

They are expanding the regressive policies and institutionalised racism, entrenching a lack of meritocracy and knocking at the foundations that support the framework of justice in this country.

Since fewer and fewer things are of international standard, they are now working to make Bahasa Melayu the lingua franca of Southeast Asia so that there is something to be proud of.

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