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Zahim Albakri's decade-long journey with ‘Spilt Gravy on Rice’
More than a decade after it was first completed, the film adaptation of late playwright Jit Murad’s theatrical masterpiece ‘Spilt Gravy on Rice’ is finally set to premiere in cinemas on June 9.

The story revolves around a character known as Bapak (which means father in Malay), a British-educated retired journalist and patriarch, who realises that he does not have much time left on Earth.

Bapak decides to invite his five children over for dinner to discuss unresolved family matters, including who will inherit his house - an old mansion in the centre of the rapidly developing Kuala Lumpur.

The movie stars legendary actor Rahim Razali taking on the role of Bapak, Zahim Albakri, the late Jit, Na’a Murad, Junji Delfino, Sean Ghazi and Bernice Chauly.

Directed by Zahim, the film began production way back in 2011 and was scheduled to premiere in local cinemas in 2013. However, several issues cropped up that delayed its release, and tragically, Jit passed away suddenly in February this year.

In an interview, Zahim shed some light on the delay and how he feels now that the film will finally...

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