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YOURSAY | Hamzah, they didn’t come here to die in our detention camps

YOURSAY | 'Each time Hamzah says something, it stinks of pure arrogance.'

Deaths in detention: Ramkarpal accuses Hamzah of ignoring main issue

MCA Youth: Hamzah must apologise for flippant remarks on immigration deaths

Vijay47: There will be no dismissal, not even a reprimand against Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin, least of all from that pathetic excuse of a prime minister, Ismail Sabri Yaakob, himself terrified whether his political life ends today or tomorrow.

In what pejorative words can we accurately describe that minister and the defence he haughtily pronounced in an effort at justification? Callous, insensitive, crude, rude, ignorant, uneducated, arrogant, irresponsible, base?

They are all equally appropriate yet insufficient even together to express our contempt for such shameless politicians as Hamzah Zainudin that local politics produce.

We witness again the sorry depths into which those in authority would collapse, especially when they believe themselves to be linchpins, irreproachable and omnipotent in what now passes off as the Malaysian government.

But I believe the rot set long before they entered the public eye. When a person is devoid of teachings that reveal the light when they were young, of proper upbringing learned on their mother’s lap, we see the inevitable likes of this minister.

Remember, Hamzah, many have sought it but immortality eludes all. Cometh soon that day.

Sealthedeal: The worst of it is all those now directly responsible for these inhumane conditions and brutal treatment will take Hamzah’s comments as a licence to continue degrading behaviour and extortion.

Hamzah should be prosecuted for contributory negligence leading to these deaths together with the Immigration chief, who is so fond of parading in military uniform on mass raids against these foreigners, many of whom crossed the border legally having been offered jobs.

It's outrageous and has affected thousands of lives.

Immigration is a corrupt business and a black economy which is purposely kept under the radar of public opinion. Of course, the police cannot investigate the Immigration Department because they both report to Hamzah. That must change.

Mazilamani: Do migrant workers who have come to work here to help support our economy and, at the same time, earn an honest income (unlike some of our politicians) ever want to die in another country far away from their loved ones?

Has Hamzah seen how certain employers exploit them and where they sleep or the unpalatable food they eat? Are we going through a war, where bodies are thrown into a pit without the last rites being said?

We don't expect Hamzah to predict whether detainees charged for criminal offences will die in detention, but at least treat them well. What is Hamzah doing about this? What are his instructions to his officers in the detention camps?

Already, foreign countries with detained Malaysian workers are treating them like animals. Where do you think they learn it from? They are disgusted with the way their people were treated.

The home minister now seemed to have given a blanket instruction to his officers to treat foreign detainees in any way they wanted.

BrownKite6870: If you like to lock people up, the least you can do is to take the responsibility to keep them safe when under your care.

BobbyO: Mr Minister, this concerns the life of human beings who are someone’s father, mother or child. How would you feel if one of your own family was treated in such a manner?

Instead of giving an answer that will pacify their families, giving them hope that serious investigations will take place to find the cause of death, and at the same time working out solutions so that this situation is not repeated, you are adding salt to their wounds.

By creating friction between nations, you also open up an avenue where our own Malaysians may end up in similar circumstances abroad. No wonder, we are heading towards failed state status with such leaders in positions of power.

Dr Raman Letchumanan: "Anyone can die anywhere," said Hamzah.

We should compile and add such intelligent quips to the lexicon of ministers' responses/proposals. Publish it and then let the voters decide whether to vote for these ministers again.

These will become quotable quotes for reference by future leaders to fall back on when facing difficult questions or issues. We had kissing trains, flood voluntourism, and so many other unforgettable quotes.

Salvage Malaysia: This is the same person who challenged the rights of Malaysian mothers married to foreigners to obtain citizenship for their children.

Each time Hamzah says something, it stinks of pure arrogance. Malaysia doesn’t need an MP or a minister of this kind. It gives a bad example to our children.

We need humble politicians who can show they are connected with the rakyat, with a heart full of kindness, not a heart of stone.

All Things Considered: And yet Malaysia sits on the United Nations Human Rights Council. Is the UN blind or just plain stupid?

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