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From 'heavenly kings' to football team - plight of Perak farmers

As Malaysians grapple with a food crisis, 12 farming communities in Perak are facing eviction and staring at a bleak future.

There is some consolation in the form of PSM, whose lawyers are assisting more than 300 vegetable farmers from Chemor, Bidor and Kampar through legal actions and petitions.

According to documents sighted by Malaysiakini, those with the land grants who are driving the farmers out are mostly developers seeking to build residential areas on these lands.

This is despite the “2021 Malaysia Annual Property Market Report” revealing that Perak is the sixth among states with the highest number of unsold properties.

In total, 2,748 units remain unsold.

Meanwhile, PSM pointed to the “dubious backgrounds” of some landowners. It also claimed that the state government is selling...

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