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YOURSAY | The knives are out for Ismail Sabri

YOURSAY | 'Whether BN or not, he is an unelected PM.'

'I'm a BN PM, attacks on me weaken BN's leadership'

OCT: Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaacob is fighting for survival. The threat against his PMship comes from all quarters (both internal and external).

When the threat is from outside, the coalition will stand with him. But when the threat is from inside, it is altogether a different matter.

That's why there is a saying that it is easy to be No 1 but not so easy to remain there. When your own party members attack you, you know your number is up. The knives are out for him.

The only party that can protect him is the rakyat. Even then, the rakyat are also fed up and angry with his frequent flip-flop policies, expensive attires and globe-trotting capers.

BobbyO: PM, all the signs clearly show that the attacks are from within Umno.

These include not being invited to Umno’s supreme council meetings and Pasir Salak MP Tajuddin Abdul Rahman's outburst against Umno and BN chief Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

And with former PM Najib Abdul Razak and Zahid invited to the BN meeting in Sabah, but not you, it shows that all is not well within the coalition.

So, stop blaming the opposition for the failure of your administration.

Appum: Ismail Sabri, like many have said in Malaysiakini’s comment section and all across the nation, you are not an elected PM, you are only an "accidental PM". That is why there are so many "wolves" within your party trying to dislodge you.

Furthermore, you have not shown any charisma or leadership skills in running a multiracial, multicultural nation like ours.

You have shown nothing innovative, nor introduced some solid programmes that can alleviate the economic problems of the people.

You have shown your lack of wisdom and intelligence by showing off your expensive shirts in such trying times, and for what?

As in politics, when there is a lame-duck leader like you at the helm, your ambitious comrades will do everything to bring you down.

And in such circumstances, the court cluster will be the most motivated to remove you so they can fulfil their agenda.

JazliSalleh: The court cluster wants to kick out Ismail Sabri and gang so that their corruption charges would be swept under the carpet. In the end, wrongdoings by Umno VIPs would circumvent the nation's rule of law.

They are trying to get their three million party members - 9.27 percent of the 32.37 million-strong Malaysians - to sanction wrongdoings by their court cluster.

What does it mean? Just because 9.27 percent of Malaysians (Umno party members) want to ignore the rule of law, would 90.73 percent of the Malaysian rakyat have to give in to them?

Should 90.73 percent of Malaysians give in to 9.27 percent party members who want the rule of law to be sidelined?

That is the question to be asked. Only the rakyat have the answer to this.

Vgeorgemy: The Umno leadership has no empathy for the struggling people. It has no programmes to help them with their daily necessities.

We are now bombarded with daily visits to supermarkets and streetside markets by highly-paid government officials and ministers - as if they had just come back from Mars.

A simple click on the Statistics Department website will show them all the details of the prices of the daily necessities. Still, public monies are spent on such visitations. The regime has lost its sense of purpose.

Koel: It is hilarious to read about Ismail Sabri’s paranoia over outside forces. Your problems are in your party and you have no control over them - corruption, nepotism, bribery, theft, among others.

What kind of party or people join forces with such tainted individuals? It is clear as daylight.

The public watches these shenanigans of billionaires milking the nation to shore up wealth for the next four or five generations, to educate their kids in elite schools overseas, buy holiday homes in upmarket first-world countries, take expensive holidays, and acquire the finest couture for themselves and their families.

PW Cheng: Ismail Sabri, it looks like you are lamenting this fact to seek sympathy. As a backdoor PM, with your weak leadership, what can you expect?

You cannot have a strong foundation when you are building your castle on wetlands.

Specialist Orang Batsman: Does it really matter whether you are a BN PM or not? To millions of Malaysians, you are a totally clueless, unelected PM.

Will Malaysians be treated with another disgraceful and staged ‘hero welcome’ at the airport upon your return from Sabah?

Salvage Malaysia: Indeed, you are not the PM that the rakyat wanted in GE14. Hence, you have to prove yourself much more. Unfortunately, your policies to date are trivial and non-impactful.

That’s why you are an easy target for attacks by the opposition. Unless you buck up as PM, you will waste this golden opportunity of a lifetime.

Just A Malaysian: Ismail Sabri and BN will have a hard time convincing the voters in the coming general election. They can blame DAP or PKR for everything.

But when food and jobs are scarce, the sleeping masses will wake up. Nothing jolts the mind more than a hungry stomach.

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