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KINIGUIDE | Through the murky waters and mudslinging of the Baling floods

Editor’s Note: This article was updated on July 19 to reflect Environment and Water Minister Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Ibrahim's statement to Parliament and former Kedah menteri besar Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah's statement on the durian plantation approval.

KINIGUIDE | Clearing works in the Gunung Inas Forest Reserve to make way for a Musang King durian plantation are under the spotlight following devastating mud floods on July 4 which killed three and displaced more than 1,000 villagers in Kupang, Baling in Kedah.

As villagers pick up what is left of their homes and possessions from the debris and sludge, political mudslinging continues with politicians passing the buck over how such a plantation came to be in the highland reserve.

Malaysiakini traces the origins of the forest clearing at the reserve and the issues surrounding the Musang King plantation there in this Kiniguide.

Where is the Gunung Inas Forest Reserve and how close is it to the disaster site?

The Gunung Inas Forest Reserve is 36,979 hectares of gazetted forest reserve located in Kupang some 20km from Baling in Kedah.

It is named after Gunung Inas, a mountain in the Bintang range, which is 1,801m above sea level.

Compartment 8 of the Gunung Inas Forest Reserve is...

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