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YOURSAY | ‘Nail the culprits to the fake LCS mast’

YOURSAY | ‘The country is truly sick, the tumour is at the end stage.’

COMMENT | And now, a sequel to 'Billion Dollar Whale'

MS: What the country has yet to recognise is that the entire system of checks and balances in the Finance Ministry has collapsed.

There will always be crooks at the tail end of Treasury processes when money is actually moved. It is for that reason the Brits, before they left the country, designed and put in place several watertight processes and controls that would serve to safeguard the proper and legitimate disbursement of approved funds.

But what has happened since then has been the systematic dismantling of everything that was bequeathed to ensure financial prudence and good governance.

The ‘ketuanans’ (supremacists) rampaging through the system since the 80s has resulted in the ransacking and removal of every check and every balance. It is for sociologists to identify the root causes of this peculiarly ‘ketuanan’ propensity to facilitate and enable financial mismanagement on this scale and with such frequency.

What exactly is it in the culture that promotes it? That is the RM6 billion question.

MarioT: Without the masterminds, of which one of them is roaming free under the guise of a court appeal, are severely punished, the stealing and looting of our money will continue unabated.

A corrupted system has created a corrupted civil service which is seen to have free access to money. A lot has been said about taking swift action and that no one would be spared. But expect the outcome to have little to show for it.

If BN and its den of wolves are given the mandate to rule in the next general election, the rakyat should be held accountable for condoning crimes committed by their representatives.

Man on the Silver Mountain: We have scandals after scandals, too many to count. Each one, when exposed, was too farfetched to be believable and yet they were true.

The country is truly sick, the tumour is at the end stage, too advanced to be treated. It needs a transplant for any hope of a better prognosis.

The ‘Comical Alis’ (Iraqi politician and military commander under Saddam Hussein, Ali Hassan Abd al-Majid al-Tikriti) of our time still unbelievably claim that littoral combat ships (LCSs) would probably have been delivered this year had it not been for that 22 months of Pakatan Harapan in power that turned the clock back for all the good planning BN had done.

They are saying such nonsense to save their skins. Their worshippers, however, would know no better and cling to the propaganda, hook, line and sinker.

Scarecrow: “If film producers in Hollywood are planning a sequel to ‘The Billion Dollar Whale’, there is ready-made documentation for the scriptwriters in the form of the findings of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), discoveries made by politicians and statements made by the supposed perpetrators,” writes Malaysiakini columnist R Nadeswaran.

Yes, Hollywood is always welcome to make films based on true stories of great events happening in Malaysia. But no subtle LGBT elements, please.

We are okay with corruption but not LGBT, which is rightly despised and condemned by peace-loving, caring and religiously-devoted Malaysians.

MP SPEAKS | The PAC's LCS site visit was heart-breaking

Kilimanjaro: It is heart-breaking enough, but I wrote earlier that it can even cause a heart attack. Such shameful disregard for the office they hold and the nonsensical swindling of money entrusted to them.

Now you know why we need and are clamouring for independent agencies and a transparent government.

Malaysians are paying a heavy price for trusting a corrupted government and corrupted leaders. The Umno/BN government and its leaders have done enough damage to last for years.

What other stinking stuff may come out in the future? Even the thought of it makes me scary.

MS: While the masterminds in the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) and Mindef (Defence Ministry) need to be named and punished for what is essentially treason and not just mismanagement stemming from incompetence, there are others who need to be hunted down and nailed to the mast.

These are the civil servants in the Finance Ministry who colluded with their corrupt political bosses, enabling them every step of the way - by making sure the money keeps flowing out despite there being nothing to show for it.

This is dereliction of duty of a criminal kind - something which does not seem to matter to the "yes sir, yes sir, three bags (of cash) full sir" Cuepacs.

Constitutional Supremacy: Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak has said the LCS contract had given jobs to 3,000 people.

The PAC chair says on his visit to the shipyard, there were no workers and zero work was going on.

The most advanced stage of the vessel was only about 40-plus percent complete. The first of the six combat vessels was supposed to be delivered a few years ago.

Najib lied about the whole project. It is unbelievable to what he did to the country, ripping it apart financially and telling lie after lie to cover up.

GalaxyM: As long as the majority community are still deep in slumber and keep on supporting Umno which is harping on "bangsa, agama dan negara", there is very little hope for the community and the nation.

The 1MDB and LCS scandals have been exposed and the robbers and thieves stealing taxpayers’ money are none other than the culprits bred by that political party. Umno has ruled the country since Merdeka but has almost brought the nation to its knees.

It's time all the wise and smart voters stand up to throw out the party into the deep blue sea.

World Citizen: This country badly needs a thorough clean-up. The entire BN machinery should be thrown out. Let them go into oblivion.

Please wake up before we go the way of Sri Lanka. The Malay community will be the biggest losers if the current state of affairs continues. The current mafia in BN is taking them for a ride and it's time they realise it.

Many Malays in the civil service and businesses are in collusion with this corrupted BN mafia, but they should think about the country and the future of their race.

Stop the racial and religious bigotry. We, as Malaysians, must come together and put this country back on the right track.

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