Giving PAC its bite back - the body that unravelled LCS scandal
In the past, the Dewan Rakyat’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) had sometimes been called a “toothless tiger” - a creature with a loud roar but not a lot of bite.

That perception changed last month when the PAC released its long-awaited report on the procurement of littoral combat ships (LCS) for the navy.

The damning report uncovered the opaque nature of the security industry and revealed to Malaysians how they are footing a RM9 billion bill for a mismanaged project that was far behind schedule.

Red-faced, the government was forced to declassify other investigation reports on the project and even allowed a site visit at the yard where some of the six ships are being built.

However, due to the critical nature of the PAC report, the committee has come under fire from supporters of the former defence minister and prime minister who approved the project.

In response, PAC chairperson Wong Kah Woh has...

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