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YOURSAY I Show your competence, Saifuddin

YOURSAY | 'Why is he keeping silence on dress code issues at police stations?'

Tell cops to accept reports regardless of attire, MCA urges Saifuddin

IndigoSwan6963: The Home Ministry has to act (to address the issue of dress code in the police stations). If Home Minister Saifuddin Nasution Ismail can't do the job, please resign.

All police personnel must understand the Constitution. Anything that deviates from the standard of respecting each and any individual rights is not acceptable.

Whatever the differences in opinion, they must be carried with due care and respect for one another as these moral sensitivities has to do with all Malaysians, and will affect each and everyone, including law enforcers, so do it with due care.

The police force and all security forces must comprise of all races and all faiths to instil a culture of One Malaysia, instead of race or religious faith; be proactive in addressing issues and concerns; be the transformation instead of conforming to outdated policies.

MaxFury: Saifuddin hasn’t shown his competence as a home minister. Immigration comes under him and even Anwar had to make noise about the long queues at the country’s entry points before action was taken to increase more counters.

Now when the dress code issue was brought to public attention, he is keeping quiet. Shouldn’t he as the home minister make a stand? Is he so afraid of the Little Napoleons?

Secondly, he should look into why only certain police stations can take reports of an accident. In this day and age, the police system should be linked in every station, so that we do not have to run around from one police station to another to make reports. Can Saifuddin please look into this?

Anonymous: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, also known as Mr Madani, the DAP, the new MCA in power, and Amanah leaders are just blind and now completely silenced.

Anwar's Malaysia Madani may have replaced the previous PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob administration's 'Keluarga Malaysia' tagline.

But there appears to be no difference whether it is BN, Perikatan Nasional or Pakatan Harapan who is in power as they all have the same 60 years of Umno's DNA, grabbing a string of titles and playing the same race and religious cards.

They are also like MCA and MIC politicians, who happily play along and just turn a blind eye to all the same standard operating procedures when in power.

There will be a severe backlash from the angry rakyat against the PKR, DAP and Harapan in the coming state elections.

Anwar and Harapan politicians never learn from history when they were 22 months in power, they are like ostriches with their heads stuck in Umno's mud and blinded by power oblivious to the many injustices and crimes faced by the rakyat.

And certainly, there will be many protest votes against Anwar and the same 'No Action, Talk Only’ PKR and DAP politicians who are now comfortably sitting high on their pedestals enjoying their newfound perks, titles, privileges and luxury of power.

Reformasi, my foot!

Man on the Silver Mountain: Imposing a dress code is actually asking people to dress their way. That is the objection. We see all kinds of dress codes in many places.

But a police station is a public establishment supported by taxpayers’ money. They can reject indecent dressing, but dresses/attires commonly used by different people of different backgrounds should be allowed.

The correct rationale should prevail, which invariably depends on the purpose of the department in the first place.

Reform should also make this a priority too and institute changes to depart from the nonsensical archaic practices.

There should be a focus on services rather than being fixated on politically correct dressing, which causes distress to the people.

We should not be telling people how to dress. Even our children, once they come of age, we seldom chide them on their dressing unless it is too extreme.

Omg: By talking to a woman about her clothing, perhaps it could be a latent, sneaky form of sexual harassment? Some of these blokes have been known to ask for the young ladies' mobile numbers.

Are there too many of them now? They should be curtly reprimanded and told to focus on their police work.

But their big boss seems to be a pussy cat. Many people neuter cats these days, to keep them docile. Do we have a docile unity government?

Bah! I want an active executive that goes out every day looking for better solutions that the people need.

Thunderbolt: My relative has personally encountered a similar situation before. His mother-in-law was robbed, the maid was physically abused and in this panicky and confused situation, he rushed to the police station.

Of course, he was wearing shorts and a night T-shirt. He couldn’t be dressed in a tie and suit. He was simply told to go home and change. He had to oblige because he was terrified by what he saw at home.

What is more of a priority to the police? Helping him to get to the bottom of the robbery or enforcing their so call dress code?

RedMarlin2833: Saifuddin is a weak link in the government - he won’t do anything significant as he is definitely “afraid of upsetting” some people, though the actions of the police do not make sense.

As much as we may not like MCA, they have spoken up and kudos to them. Praise is warranted, no matter which party speaks up as long as they have the rakyat’s well-being in mind. Thank you.

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