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Oh No! Not another scandal
Published:  Apr 9, 2007 1:52 PM
Updated: Jan 29, 2008 10:21 AM

Can one not get sick of being told again and again that such and such a person has been suspected of bribery, corruption or embezzlement?

On RM32 mil kickbacks for Sarawak timber

Munnzie Chaan: Revelation after revelation. Can one not get sick of being told again and again that such and such a person has been suspected of bribery, corruption or embezzlement?

Malaysians are dead tired of empty words. What Malaysians want is action - fast, bold and efficient action - to apprehend the culprits.

If the authority concerned cannot measure up to the expectation of the public, then just quit, unless of course they are doing their own house-cleaning, or perhaps someone is far too rich and powerful for them to nab.

This is simply flabbergasting. Unbelievably flabbergasting!

On Why still no probe on reports against CM?

Hopeful: With the revelation of Sabah's MB corruption and the identity card issue, PKR has strong chance of forming the next state government. If that happen, Sabahans would have reached the enlightenment stage and have the wisdom to see deep into the shortcomings of their well-being.

If that is the case, it is an eye opener to the peninsular voters. If they still give full support to BN, then they must be ignorant, deluded and blind. For this, they will suffer. I hope that all east and west vote BN out thus allowing the new government to haul up the culprits for corruption.

On Johor's U-turn on no-passport rule for S'poreans

Kuching Kat: The Johor Menteri Besar's "clarification" on the relaxation of passport requirements in respect of the Iskandar Development Region raises two interesting points. Firstly, from the little I know of law and such, immigration is a federal matter. So since when did the chief minister of a state get to make decisions on national issues?

Secondly, Abdul Ghani in keeping to true Umno traditions, has shot himself in the foot. He has proven - if further proof was indeed necessary - that our laws, requirements, and procedures can never be depended on for consistency. The IDR has not even really taken off and already the rules are being changed. What confidence will the hoped-for foreign investors have in Malaysia if we as usual keep shifting the goal posts?

I suppose we can always blame the Jews for the failure of any Malaysian project.

On Machap: Improbable but not impossible for DAP

Ivy Tan, MCA Publicity Department: DAP claims that victory would soon be in their hands because they have now devised a five-point strategy that wrestle some control, if not totally, from the BN. It easy for them to say that because one more vote than what they had garnered in 2004 would be claimed a victory.

Their tactics are resourceful but has no bearing on bringing political awareness to the people of Machap. They pray, they rant, they cry foul, they belittle in Machap these last few days. They will do childish ranting and raving in Machap to create a bit of attention. The real message is to the urban voters whose emotions they hope to stir. They want to test the battle ground on what they think they could craft for the next elections. DAP wants to get to their emotions by needling them with "national issues."

But, lurking under this so-called ingenuity, there lies the truth that DAP is still sleeping with the enemy. That is PAS.

Would Liou Chen Kuang invite charismatic PAS leaders like Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz to make their fiery speeches, claim to move thousands, to the Malay crowd in Machap? PKR has been labeled "as a conduit between PAS and DAP" which in our minds, is far too polite and benign a term.

DAP is still sleeping with the enemy, albeit with the presence PKR. So, open your eyes.

On Goodbye Dr Lim, hello Dr Koh

KSN: I thought I sent my retirement greetings to Dr Lim a few days ago and the last thing I want to do is to touch on the subject again. But I cannot resist doing it after seeing Dr Lim crying on TV.

What is he crying about? The good, luxury life he has to give up after enjoying it at taxpayers expense for more than 20 years? Or is he crying about what he was expected to do as a responsible and accountable leader of the non-Malays but was not able to? If that is the case, then it is justified, necessary and appropriate.

When Dr Mahathir took Malaysia into the wrong and irreversible direction over the past 23 years, destroying everything that would have created a united Malaysian nation, for example by sabotaging the NEP, denying the non-Malays their fair and legitimate rights and full representation and participation in the civil service, destruction of the judiciary, abusing and misusing public funds on mega-projects with no beneficial returns to the nation and the citizens, etc, Lim was a cabinet member together with the MCA and MIC, writing away the non-Malay rights to Umno.

Now the question Dr Lim and his boneless, gutless partners from MCA and MIC should answer is what was your contribution to nation-building in its true sense? Did you contribute anything in that direction and assuming that you could not under the circumstances, but helped to connive with Umno to give away other peoples' rights? Why did you not walk away admitting your helplessness? In that situation, you could have saved some pride and dignity.

By your actions or inactions, non-Malays and the future generation will cry for many years to come. That would be true tears. Reflect on that thought, Dr Lim, instead of trying to become a lawyer in your retirement.

On Candidates warned to stick to EC rules

Pro-Choice: I refer to various calls that we are being irresponsible by not registering to vote and abdicating our constitutional rights. I disagree with the writer that there is no excuse not to register.

It's my choice to register to vote or not. The constitution gives us the right to register and vote, which means that I also have the right not to register and vote, and I have chosen to exercise that right.

What is everyone's else beef if I don't decide to register then?

I am amazed how the question of constitutional rights with regards to voting is bandied about so much while so many other rights as enshrined in the same constitution is not given due attention or have been trampled on with impunity, including by private sector.

If we want to talk about constitution rights, let's apply it equally on all matters.

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