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YOURSAY | When it comes to religion, opponents quick to pounce

YOURSAY | ‘Hit them hard on governance and corruption issues instead.’

'She has never preached her religion to me' - Yeoh's secretary

Kilimanjaro: There are overzealous religious politicians who will make mincemeat out of anything that can raise the temperature to score political points.

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh should know that the overwhelming success of the "green wave" has given it the extra mile to scalp and devour anything that they can lay their minds and hands on.

Having been allowed a free cruise, Yeoh will stand no chance and ruin her political career.

Does this mean she cannot take on those people? Obviously, she can but she has to keep religion away. It was neither wise nor safe to write a book while you are still an active politician. It will come back to haunt you.

Write all you want after you have retired from politics. That book had its own share of controversy and peddling into a church is hot enough. It gives unscrupulous politicians enough ammunition to bring down a government.

They know that religion can do what others can't.

So, steer clear away from anything to do with religion or places of worship. Hit them hard and relentlessly with the other many issues such as corruption and governance.

Push them back, what with former prime minister and Bersatu president Muhyiddin Yassin soon to be in the dock.

Keep them busy with their backyard lapses, otherwise, they won't let you run the government.

BrownIguana6485: It’s a script from the Sheraton Move and the same old tricks used repeatedly. Create untruths by magnifying the sensitivities of race and religion.

Pick on the non-Malay ministers. Accentuate the views of any Malay MPs in government who are seen to be liberal and accuse them of abandoning their race and religion and not defending them.

Let the government be on the defensive like a boxer being rained with blows and hanging on to the ringside ropes so that they lose focus on governing like the government after the 14th general election.

That government had no answers to counter the rapid political manoeuvring because of the traitors within.

Forever repeat the threats to Malay dominance, hold a Malay congress and have a declaration. That becomes the focal point, and the Malays see the made-up threats as real.

If you let this go without checking them, then the threat of unseating this unity government is real and becomes more probable.

We already have the clerics challenging the monarchy and the court openly through their behaviour and statements. We have seen them marching with swords and spears at an event that was played down even though it was reminiscent of Isis in its heydays.

The rape of the nation by the very people elected will continue if these elements that are now a threat to the security of the country are allowed to continue.

The rulers of this country should hold an emergency meeting and issue an official statement to quell these insidious manoeuvres boiling below the surface and dispel the notion that the Malays are under threat.

The authorities should not hesitate to use the full force of the law to ensure these perpetrators do not unsettle the peace and harmony of the nation. They have been in power for the longest time and their failures are blamed on the unity government and the non-Malays.

Their failings are plain to see but are blind to their followers and supporters.

Steven Ong: One’s belief in a religion is enhanced by one's actions and life. People accused others of being anti-Islam but a fact is a fact as what we are seeing.

The worst enemy of Islam is some Muslims themselves. They exposed and tarnished Islam through their behaviour and acts. Some are caught stealing and yet many supported them. Some received bribes and yet many supported them.

This is how Muslims lead many to fear Islam and Muslims. Islamophobia was coined to describe this rising phenomenon.

We must face the facts and truths, only then will we be able to solve a problem. Words won’t solve them.

Words like 'don't’ or 'stop', warnings and threats of severe punishments aren't going to stop the real threats by the extremists and supporters going all out to destabilise the country, to grab power and control.

It seems these are allowed, given that none of the prominent religious instigators of harmony has been arrested and put in jail.

Action speaks louder than words.

Mazilamani: Not everything should be turned into political profit. You will not be forgiven for deceitful activities and words, even if it is for politics.

A greater sin is to damage another person’s image and reputation intentionally and deliberately.

I just don't understand why PAS must harp on conversion to Christianity when the Malays cannot gain any material favours from conversion. They are far better remaining Muslims, for reasons best known to them.

This is not healthy for the fragile harmony and peace among Malaysians.

PAS and Bersatu are pressing the issue a little too hard in recent months, maybe to create civil unpleasantness or to test the new government and the support it receives from security forces.

Green Impala: There will always be critiques and troublemakers because this country is increasingly polarised.

Why can’t we just agree and focus on objective measures and goals such as improving unemployment rates, starting salaries, household income, Gross Domestic Product, Human Development Index and Consumer Price Index instead of clashing ideologies and beliefs?

We can debate until the cows come home about our religion and practices, but who suffers when there is no clean water to drink or a roof over our heads?

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